Angel Huddleston

Angel Huddleston

The search continues in Ozark for a teenager missing since Monday.

Angel Huddleston, 17, was reportedly last seen near the Christian County Library branch in Ozark, near the intersection of East Highview Drive and Riverside Road.

“We continue to follow up on leads as they come in,” Ozark Deputy Police Chief Justin Arnold said. “We’re trying to contact any associates that we know of, and as we get leads in, whether it be through people calling into the police department or social media, we have detectives who are following up on those leads.”

Huddleston was last seen wearing a gray shirt and a pair of sweatpants with black and blue Nike athletic shoes. She is described as 5-foot-4, 144 pounds with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. She had the word “Queen” tattooed near her right collarbone and has an unfinished tattoo of a lion on her right thigh. 

Huddleston was last seen April 8, at 11:30 a.m. The Ozark Police Department issued a missing person advisory for Huddleston on April 10, at 4:46 p.m.

Arnold did not comment on why about two days elapsed between the time Huddleston was reportedly last seen and the time police appealed to the general public for help finding her. Each missing persons case has a different set of circumstances.

“It’s a matter of timing and following up on leads. Some cases dictate that more so than others, and I can’t really get into why this one might be that way,” Arnold said.

Anyone with any information on Huddleston’s whereabouts, including those who may have seen her since April 8, is encouraged to call the Ozark Police Department at (417) 581-6600.

Tips from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become increasingly valuable to police officers in missing persons cases. Arnold said some additional tips have come to Ozark detectives since a photo of Huddleston was shared on Facebook.

“One of the best tools we have is social media, so a lot of people are aware of it now,” Arnold said.

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