U.S. Highway 160 and Tracker Road, Nixa

The intersection at Tracker Road and U.S. Highway 160 in Nixa, seen here looking from the southeast, will be widened to feature offset left turn lanes from the highway in both the northbound and southbound directions.

Major changes are coming to two of Nixa’s most important intersections, which means some road closures and shifts will impact drivers.

The Missouri Department of Transportation announced traffic shifts at the intersection of Tracker Road and U.S. Highway 160, and at the intersection of Northview Road and U.S. Highway 160 starting on Monday, Feb. 17.

At the Tracker Road intersection, Tracker will be closed on the east side of Highway 160. Tracker Road traffic on the west side will be shifted to a temporary bypass. Drivers coming from the west side of Tracker will not able to turn left onto U.S. 160 going north, they will only be allowed to turn right and go south.

Drivers will still be able to get to businesses on Tracker Road, but they may have to get there by using city streets, which would mean coming from Main Street on the east side of the highway.

Northivew Road will be closed on both sides of the highway, and drivers will not be able to access the highway from Northview.

The work is part of a larger project for improvement along Highway 160 between Plainview Road in Greene County all the way to South Street in Nixa. The intersection protects are funded through a cost-sharing partnership between MoDOT and the city of Nixa.

The road closures are projected to last several weeks, according to MoDOT.

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I know it's easier to just regurgitate information provided by the DOT regarding the closures, but it would be nice if this story was written with a bit more information and, perhaps, a positive spin--like what we have to look forward to. What, exactly, is being changed? Will there be additional lanes? How many and which directions? Will there be new induction sensors to help control the lights? Maybe a diagram of what those changes will look like. As it is it's a "oh that's gonna suck" story, but with actual information it could be a "Well, it's gonna suck, but that'll totally be worth it later." story.

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