Misty R. Melton

Misty R. Melton

She allegedly answered the door with a knife in her hand.

A Nixa woman is charged with two felonies after police responded to sounds of screaming and “thumping” at a Nixa apartment complex off of South Nicholas Road on March 9. Police arrested Misty R. Melton, 39. She is charged with first-degree assault, a class A felony, and armed criminal action, an unclassified felony.

According to the probable cause statement, a witness recounted Melton saying that the man, “did ‘things’ to her, it wasn’t right and she told him, ‘No.’” The encounter boiled over with Melton allegedly stabbing the man multiple times. According to Nixa police, the man was taken to a Springfield hospital for intensive care treatment. The man reportedly had lacerations on his neck and torso, two of which were “six inches length or longer,” according to court documents.

Melton was also taken to an emergency room for medical exams. She is now in the Christian County Jail, where she is being held without bond.

Melton reportedly gave an interview to a Nixa police officer at the Christian County Sheriff’s Office in Ozark. Melton allegedly told police that she had met the man via Facebook, and that they had arranged to meet and smoke methamphetamine together.

The man allegedly picked up Melton from a trailer park and drove her to his apartment in Nixa, where they allegedly smoked some meth that Melton had.

The man allegedly told police that he and Melton drank and smoked methamphetamine, and the at one point, Melton, “became mad at him for not going to get her more methamphetamine.”

The man alleged that he and Melton had a discussion of sexual matters, which led to him, “getting uncomfortable.” Melton alleged that the man touched her sexually in a manner that she was not comfortable with.

At some point, Melton allegedly tied the man to a chair using neckties. The man got free and was allegedly standing by his front door when Melton “started swinging a knife at him,” according to the probable cause statement.

The man told police that he “doesn’t remember much about the attack and woke up in the hospital.”

Melton has a court hearing scheduled for March 17. Under Missouri law, class A felony first-degree assault is punishable upon conviction by a prison term of up to 30 years. According to court records, Melton does not yet have a defense attorney representing her in this case.

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