Daisy Byrnum 90th birthday party

DAISY BYRNUM (left) waves to a Clever firefighter taking part in celebrating Byrnum’s 90th birthday in Clever March 30.


Daisy Byrum was staying in Clever and recovering from a bout of pneumonia on her 90th birthday. With an actual party being out of the question, many residents of Clever went out of their way to help her mark the milestone, even though most had never met her.

Byrnum is from Warsaw, but was recovering with family in Clever on the day she turned 90.

She went outside and watched from the driveway as Clever police officers and firefighters drove by, flashed their lights and shouted birthday greetings. Many neighbors also joined in, some with their vehicles decorated. People dropped off cards, balloons, flowers and even cupcakes as part of the drive-by party.

Byrnum is reportedly well-known in her hometown of Warsaw. She is a member of Fristoe Baptist Church and has lived in the same house since she got married at the age of 18. She was a 4-H leader for more than 25 years and had a licensed in-home day care for many years. She received more than 100 birthday cards in the mail from family, old friends and even friends of friends. Two of her treasured cards are those that came from Clever Mayor Dale Maisel and Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris.

As it was her 90th birthday, the 90th card Byrnum received was also special. When Byrnum opened the card, she found that it was from Candie Sieve Petersen and her family. Peterson stayed at Byrnum's in-home daycare as a child while her parents worked. The card included a very nice note, as well as a hand-made picture from Lucia, her daughter.

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