Finley River Community Foundation honors scholarship winners

REAGAN GRIESSEL, a 2020 graduate of Ozark High School, received the Dennis Miller Memorial Scholarship through the Finley River Community Foundation.

The spring of 2020 has been certainly memorable for seniors at Ozark High School—in more ways than one for a group of scholarship recipients.

Finley River Community Foundation added another memorial endowment fund under their umbrella and granted $22,400 in scholarships and renewals from 13 named scholarship funds for 2020. Contributors were not able to celebrate with a gathering of scholarship donors and winners as has been done in prior years, but the Finley River Community Foundation does congratulate the following scholarship recipients:

Beadles, Pryor, McCoy Scholarship – Hannah Bottarel

Ryan Capps Memorial Scholarship – Grace-Anne Stine

Jack Carter Memorial Scholarship – Olivia Hulse

Danny Clinton Memorial Scholarship – Jake Skaggs

Neal and Betty Grubaugh Scholarship – Troy Davidson

Bill Hanks and Wilbur Wilson Ozark High School Scholarship – Jianna Cox, Troy Davidson, Josie Glenn, Hannah Lind, Olivia Sappington and Maegan Surface

Thomas Ligon Memorial Athletic Scholarship – Claire Metcalf

Shirley McCudden Scholarship – Jace Reinke

Dennis Miller Memorial Scholarship – Reagan Griessel

Ozark High School Alumni Scholarship – Sarah Wheat and Riley Satterfield

J.H. Phillips and Jared & Abbey Barger Autism Scholarship – Benjamin Mills

Josephine Plummer Memorial Scholarship – Sofya Whitwell

Sandy Russell Memorial Scholarship for Ozark Public Schools – Madison Dunger

In addition, three Ozark seniors were awarded scholarships from FRCF’s parent organization, Community Foundation of the Ozarks. The value of these scholarships is $68,000.

Henry J. and Lucille J. Straus Scholarship – Isabella Portis and Olivia Sappington

Henry Joseph Struck Memorial Scholarship – Tristen Portis

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