Nixa weather radio giveaway program

A WEATHER RADIO GIVEAWAY PROGRAM in Nixa was so successful that the city of Nixa’s complete stock of 50 weather radios was given away in a single day in 2019.

Fifty households in Nixa just became a bit safer in the event of severe weather.

The city of Nixa received a $1,950 grant from the Nixa Community Foundation for the continuation of a weather radio giveaway program.

In the spring of 2019, the Nixa Community Foundation provided $1,500 to purchase weather radios to be given away to elderly and/or disabled Nixa residents.

While many people have smartphones with apps which can warn them of severe weather, elderly and disabled people may be less likely to use that technology. The goal of the giveaway was to offer a reliable warning system to persons who could not afford weather radios or smartphones, so that they will be alerted in Nixa falls under a severe weather warning. The city worked with the Nixa Senior Center and CCLinks to identify individuals inside Nixa city limits who would benefit from the program.

The giveaway was so successful that 50 weather radios were claimed on the same day the program was announced, leaving a waiting list of 64 more residents.

With the newly-awarded grant, residents on the waiting list will be contacted about receiving a weather radio.

The city of Nixa received two additional grants from the Nixa Community Foundation in its 2019 funding cycle. The Nixa Police Department received $2,300 for its Cops Connecting with Kids program. The funding will help the police purchase giveaway items like T-shirts to help foster a positive image between police officers and children.

The Christian County Library and the Nixa Department of Parks and Recreation received $1,860 for a partnership program which will allow library card holders to “check out” pool passes and fitness center passes at the X Center in 2020 and in 2021.

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