Antoine L. Bostic

Antoine L. Bostic

A man accused in a strip club shooting is a step closer to standing trial, but it could be months or even more than a year before his case is resolved.

On Jan. 8, a Christian County associate circuit judge found cause to continue holding Antoine L. Bostic, 35, in jail without bond on a charge of first-degree assault resulting in serious physical injury. Bostic is accused of shooting another man in the parking lot of Illusions Gentlemen’s Club in Nixa on the night of Oct. 30, 2019.

Bostic was charged with the class A felony of first degree assault and the unclassified felony of armed criminal action. He has been in the Christian County Jail in Ozark since he was booked on Oct. 30, 2019.

“I do find probable cause that a crime was committed and the defendant committed it,” Associate Circuit Judge Doug Bacon said at the conclusion of a preliminary hearing Jan. 8, in Ozark.

Christian County deputies were called to Illusions Gentleman’s Club on West Guin Road to reports that a man had been shot. A Christian County sheriff’s deputy testified at the preliminary hearing that the manager of Illusions called 911 that night. Two men were reportedly involved in a fight.

Bostic allegedly told deputies he attempted to break up the fight six or seven times, according to a probable cause statement filed against him. Bostic reportedly had blood on his hands, which he said was from breaking up the fight.

A man suffered a single gunshot wound to one of his legs, and also allegedly had bruises on his face from the fight.

“It was bleeding pretty profusely,” Christian County Deputy Kayla Adams testified at the preliminary hearing.

Adams described applying a tourniquet above the gunshot wound on a man’s thigh as he lay on a sidewalk outside the club. She was among the first deputies to respond to the scene and found a shell casing.

According to the probable cause statement, Bostic said, “I did do it, I’ll take the weight for that.” According to the deputy, Bostic told the victim, “he was from a different breed, St. Louis, and he would kill you out here with no hesitation.”

“No one knows you here, and you[sic] been told to leave,” Bostic reportedly told the man who was shot.

Bostic reportedly left Illusions with his unidentified friend, but asked his friend to stop and let him out of the vehicle, “because they were under the influence,” according to the probable cause statement. That’s when sheriff’s deputies found Bostic and confronted him.

Det. David Loe of the Christian County Sheriff’s Office testified that he interviewed Bostic the night that the shooting occurred. Another deputy brought Bostic back to Illusions, where Loe testified they conducted the interview with Bostic in handcuffs, having been read his Miranda rights and seated in the front passenger seat of a Chevy Tahoe belonging to the sheriff’s office.

Loe testified that law enforcement agents did not seize or recover any firearm allegedly used in the shooting.

Bostic’s charges were bound over to circuit court, where he is scheduled to appear for an arraignment hearing Jan. 15.

Bostic is being represented in court by attorney Bryan Delleville, a public defender.

Bostic is on probation for a third degree assault conviction from Greene County in 2017. He also has a warrant out for his arrest in Springfield, where he is considered a non-compliant sex offender. On Jan. 11, 2007, Bostic was convicted of felony statutory sodomy and statutory rape in the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis.

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