Pachetta Tolliver

Pachetta Tolliver

A total of four women are now charged with murder in connection to the overdose death of a man in Clever in March 2020.

The four women are charged in connection to the death of John Gross on March 14. According to court documents, Gross, 63, lay dead at his home outside of Clever for several days when his body was discovered. A toxicology report revealed the presence of fentanyl, an opioid that is often fatal when administered even in small doses.

Pachetta Tolliver, 33, of Cabazon, California, was served with charges of second-degree murder, delivery of a controlled substance and first-degree burglary on Sept. 29. She had a bond reduction hearing set for Oct. 6, at which point Associate Circuit Judge Doug Bacon denied a motion to reduce Tolliver’s bond amount. Tolliver has been in the Christian County Jail since her arrest on Sept. 11, and is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Tolliver is represented by defense attorney Stuart Huffman of Springfield.

On Sept. 29, Gracey Fipps, 20, waived formal arraignment on charges of second-degree murder, class C felony delivery of a controlled substance and first-degree burglary, a class B felony. She posted a $5,000 surety bond and had a preliminary hearing in associate circuit court set for Nov. 3.

Jeana Fipps, 18, posted a $10,000 surety bond and had a hearing set for Oct. 13. Jeana Fipps is now charged with second-degree murder, delivery of a controlled substance and first-degree burglary.

On Sept. 22, Randi Highfill, 30, of Springfield appeared in court in Ozark where she was arraigned on a new charged filed against her by Christian County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Sue Boresi—murder. Highfill had previously been held in jail on the burglary and drug charges, and a robbery charge that has since been substituted for the second-degree murder charge. On Sept. 29, Highfill had a preliminary hearing set out to Oct. 13.

Christian County deputies determined that Gross had been communicating with Highfill shortly before he died.

Deputies determined that Gross and Highfill met at Gross’ home on March 8, in what was planned to be a paid sexual encounter. Highfill allegedly planned to rob Gross by administering a dose of drugs that would cause Gross to fall asleep. Tolliver is accused of helping Highfill steal money from Gross’ house.

Highfill told sheriff’s deputies that Gross was still alive and breathing when the women left his residence.

Highfill’s two sisters, Gracey Fipps and Jeana Fipps, allegedly drove Highfill to Gross’ house. According to a probable cause statement, Highfill gave Gross a dose of heroin and fentanyl that she had recently purchased from a drug dealer.

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