Tristan T. Morell

Tristan T. Morell

A Nixa man faces three felony charges, including an accusation of rape.

Tristan Morell, 23, is charged with first degree rape, first degree sodomy and first degree tampering or attempting to tamper with a victim in a felony prosecution, all felonies. Morrell is also charged with three counts of fourth degree misdemeanor domestic assault and one misdemeanor charge of second degree property damage.

A Christian County deputy arrested Morell on July 1. A woman called for help to report that a man had assaulted her the night before. The woman told sheriff’s deputies that she had been “down at the river” with Morrell, and that they had returned to a duplex in Nixa to drink and shoot fireworks.

Morell reportedly became angry with the woman and pushed her, and tried to swing to hit her while they were in the front yard of the duplex. The woman “fell down, causing abrasions to her right front shoulder, right elbow and the right palm of her hand.”

According to a probable cause statement, the woman told deputies that Morell “grabbed her cell phone out of her hand and threw it down on the concrete patio two times.”

The woman then went inside, and told sheriff’s deputies that Morell followed her in and pushed her down when she was on the second step of the stairs. The two reportedly argued and yelled throughout the night, while a child was also inside the home awake in his bedroom.

The woman told deputies she went to bed upstairs in her room while Morell went to sleep downstairs on a couch. On the morning of July 1, she allegedly woke up to Morell “pulling her pants down,” according to the probable cause statement.

The court document states the woman told Morell “No!” as he attempted to try sex acts on her. The woman “advised Tristan he needed to leave.”

Morell was held in the Christian County Jail from the time of his arrest to a hearing on July 25, when he was released on bond and ordered to comply with several conditions, including that he be placed on electronic monitoring. Morell has a hearing scheduled in associate circuit court on Aug. 27. He is being represented by Springfield defense attorney Adam Woody.

Morell was previously convicted of fourth degree domestic assault in Greene County in 2017. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail and two years of unsupervised probation. He was also ordered to take a domestic violence class and not to have any contact with the woman involved.

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