Glenn Scott has been part of the Nixa Board of Education for 34 years. It’s amazing that his colleagues figured out a way to surprise him.

Scott’s name is now on the building at SCORE, Second Chance on Receiving and Education, Nixa’s alternative high school. Scott didn’t know that the school would be renamed “SCORE, Glenn R. Scott Campus” until he helped remove a protective banner from the new signage on an exterior brick wall.

“I didn’t have any idea,” Scott said. “It’s such an honor to have this building named after me.”

With 34 years in office, all of them as the Nixa Board of Education secretary, Scott is the longest-tenured member of the board. Scott, 79, is a retired businessman and the owner of Trinity Mold and Manufacturing and Storage Unlimited, Inc.

Nixa Board of Education President Scott McDonald explained that SCORE offers students smaller class sizes, 8-10 students per room, and helps students who would be considered at-risk or in danger of dropping out.

“There are several students who just do not excel in the traditional high school setting, and they excel in this particular setting,” McDonald said. “There have been over 441 graduates, so far, who have gone through and have been able to graduate Nixa schools because of the SCORE opportunity that is set forth.”

Scott says he identifies with the students who attend the alternative school.

“I’m kind of from that—the students here have challenges that most students don’t have, and that’s my background,” Scott said.

Scott’s daughter, Cheryl Huson, is the principal at SCORE.

Nixa Public Schools leased the building from 1998 to the end of 2019, but recently struck an agreement to purchase it. SCORE employs eight full-time teachers, a principal and a counselor.

“The state does not give any kind of additional funding toward SCORE,” McDonald said.

Instead, the SCORE program is supported at the local level by Nixa Board of Education members who budget the funding for the building and the classes it houses on a yearly basis.

During his time on the Nixa Board of Education, Scott has been an outspoken proponent of 1:1 technology initiatives, which place smart devices in the hands of every student at Nixa Public Schools. Scott is an advocate for local control of public schools as opposed to common standards across the nation or the state.

Nixa Chamber of Commerce President Chris Russell announced that in conjunction with Nixa Sucker Days, a $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a SCORE graduate looking to pursue higher education opportunities. The scholarship will be named in Scott’s honor.

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