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The Selmore Special Road District will ask voters to approve an additional tax levy during the upcoming election.

Slated for the April 3 ballot, the measure seeks to levy an additional 35 cents per $100 of assessed value on personal property located within the district, which includes just 1,016 eligible voters. Should it become law, the tax would expire after four years.

If the measure passes, officials hope the resulting revenue will allow the organization to participate in a cost-sharing agreement with Christian County in order to improve two “heavily trafficked” miles of road within its boundaries, according to Keith Robinette, the district’s treasurer. 

The district encompasses about 30 miles of highway in total, he said, but badly needs to repair a portion near the Selmore Rd intersection with the Hwy EE overpass that crosses Hwy 65.

Although one mile of the stretch has already been overlaid, Robinette said the district has been unable to perform maintenance on the remaining two miles because its portion of any proposed cost-sharing arrangement with the county has exceeded the district’s $60,000 annual budget.

“It puts a stranglehold on you,” Robinette said. “It makes it so you can’t maintain the roads you need to maintain.”

According to Robinette, Selmore enjoyed a more robust budget in the past thanks to a formula for distributing a portion of county sales tax revenue to road districts based on mileage. However, that system was replaced with the current cost-sharing arrangement, costing Selmore about $50,000 annually, he said.

Election records kept by the county clerk’s office indicate that the district attempted to pass a similar ballot measure in 2015, but fell one vote short of enacting the proposed levy.

The Selmore Special Road District has no employees, but is overseen by a volunteer board of directors — each of whom either declined to comment on the ballot proposal, couldn’t be contacted at press time or referred questions to Robinette. They include Jeff Tatum, Jack W. Brazeale, Rick House and Dorothy Doenning.

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