Austin C. Williams

Austin C. Williams

He’s accused of using a curtain rod to beat another man to the point of hospitalization, and could go to prison for up to 30 years.

Austin C. Williams, 32, was scheduled to appear in court in Christian County and stand trial in early march, but both of those court dates were pushed back. Due to Williams being in prison serving a sentence from another case, a pre-trial conference set for Feb. 11 was cancelled.

A jury trial scheduled for Mar. 8, has also been continued. A new trial date for Williams has yet to be determined.

Missouri Department of Corrections records show Williams is an inmate at the Northeast Correctional Center in Bowling Green. He is serving a seven-year sentence for stealing a motor vehicle, first-degree property damage and resisting arrest.

In February 2020, Williams was brought from the Webster County Jail in Marshfield to Christian County to face a two-county indictment. Williams, of Marshfield, was charged in 2019 with class A felony first-degree domestic assault and the unclassified felony of armed criminal action.

At the time Christian County prosecutors filed charges against Williams over an incident that occurred in Nixa, Williams was taken to jail in Webster County on charges of class E felony resisting arrest and class E felony driving while revoked.

On June 27, 2019, at 4 a.m., a Nixa police officer was called to investigate an assault.

According to the probable cause statement in the case, the police officer ended up at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, in a patient room in the Emergency Trauma Center. The patient the officer met told him that he had broken ribs, a concussion and stitches in his left arm.

The patient, who was familiar with Williams and once accused Williams of stealing his truck, gave Nixa police permission to search his apartment on Fort Street. He told police that Williams had threatened to kill him, and that Williams used a knife to stab a TV tray that was positioned in front of the man’s chair, stabbing downward in a threatening manner.

In the court documents, a Nixa police officer listed the man’s injuries, which included cuts and bruises on the man’s nose and above his right eye, plus a bruise on his chest and injuries to his hands, which the man allegedly received from attempting to defend himself from a blow to the head with the curtain rod. The police officer wrote that the man had a dent in the middle of his forehead.

About three and a half hours before Nixa police were called to investigate the reports of an assault, the man had called Marshfield police to report Williams.

Because the alleged victim was at least 60 years of age at the time of the incident, he is considered “elderly” under Missouri law, and qualifies as a special victim, therefore leading to prosecutors charging Williams with first-degree domestic assault. Under state law, a class A felony is punishable by a prison term of 10-30 years.

In the Webster County case, Williams was arrested June 28, 2019 by Marshfield police. On Nov. 5, 2019, Christian County prosecutors sought a writ of habeas corpus to bring Williams from jail in Webster County to jail in Ozark, so that he will face the higher charges in Christian County.

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