Marie Day with a kindergartener on the farm

Chadwick farm owner Marie Day (left) supervises a kindergartner cutting cedar branches with a saw.


It is a bit hard to get excited about the holidays with all of the folks who are in the hospitals or who have just lost a loved one.

I can relate to that, because John died on Dec. 22, 1998. The things that have happened since that time could fill a couple of books. There is always more to remember to share with my kids. I notice they do a lot of remembering stories of their growing up, and comparing it to how things have changed so much.

A large crowd attended the service for Helen Blevins, who was raised in Garrison and moved to Wichita many years ago. I took a few minutes to walk through the cemetery while I was in Garrison. Many of my family members are buried there. It brought back a lot of stories from the past.

Local churches are producing some really great Christmas programs. There have also been a lot of family gatherings. My kids will be here Christmas morning for breakfast, gifts and dinner. Hopefully, there will be time for some visiting and the kids can get out and explore the hillsides on a warm day. We do have a promise of a warm day.

Gifts are stacked all over my house just waiting to be bagged before Tuesday evening. Checks have been mailed and a few of the grandkids are wanting a bit of cash. I refuse to start buying the day after Christmas for next year. No one will be the same size or want the same things. Besides that, I forget where I stored some things until the last minute, and then I have to reevaluate gifts.

Happy birthday to all of the December birthdays that I missed along the way. Sheila’s birthday was Dec. 19, and Johnny’s will be Dec. 28.

I bought P.J.’s for all my family for Christmas, and if they don’t wear P.J.’s for sleeping, they can still wear them to Walmart to shop later. Or, they can wear them under their coveralls for feeding cattle.

Millie Donahoe called to check on Sue. She said that Dennis is responding to therapy quite well. I’m so glad to hear that. Sue is now in Rogersville.

Many local families are enjoying time at Silver Dollar City with all the lights and entertainment, and don’t forget the traffic!

My big wish for the Christmas season is for everyone to be happy and get along with each other for the sake of their kids. That could be said for politics, too. Our people count on it.

The Oldfield Opry will be closed this Saturday night, Dec. 28, so everyone can spend the holidays with their families. You can enjoy the show again on Jan. 4 at 7 p.m.

Kathy and Ted are on their way home from Colorado this Monday morning. They have several places to be on Christmas. Hopefully, it will be my house on Wednesday.

Our quilting group should be back on schedule since our friend Margaret is home from the East Coast. She and Gary have enjoyed some time with their kids there.

One of my migraine headaches hit Saturday night. It took longer to go away this time. My mom was subject to those. I wish that was one thing I hadn’t inherited from her. It seems several from this area have those often, and things just stop until they pass.

The grandkids sometimes like to put up my Christmas tree. They were too busy this year. That meant I had to do it myself. It was smaller than usual and wasn’t decorated as heavily. I always say, “Everything you put on has to be taken off after Christmas.” Mine is going to be easy.

Merry Christmas and a most happy new year. It is soon to be 2020.

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