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It was good to get a call from my friend Patty, who returned home from Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

There has been another week of very little rain here on the creek. That makes the animals extra restless for all of that wonderful grass of the past few months.

I made a trip to the ranch Wednesday to see the kids and grandkids. Treylyn had a different experience on Monday. She had gone with her dad to check cows the evening before, and got lots of seed ticks. A quick shower got rid of most of them. Her eye was hurting the next morning. They took her to the doctor and found that a seed tick had landed in her eye. The eye was numbed and tweezers were use to take out the tick. This was only the second time the doctor had to do this procedure in their career.

There has been more sorting and getting rid of things. Most of us wonder, “Why did we save this discarded letter?” The garage was hosed out and there was a lot of organizing of kids’ toys. It will have to be a great bargain for me to buy any more toys.

The guest band at the Oldfield Opry this Saturday night will be “Spur of the Moment Blue Grass Band.”

There was a good crowd for the jam session at Sparta Senior’s Place Friday evening. With local activities starting up, I won’t have many Friday nights free. Thanks to Corey Smith for providing a great place for seniors of the area. He has many supporters.

The printers called to say the World War I veterans book was ready to be picked up this week. It is a bit expensive since there are 547 pages. Anyone who is interested can give me a call. I have some orders already. When these are gone, I will take orders for reprints. I also had 10 more copies of the school yearbooks printed with 631 pages. These include the years 1948-1969.

My granddaughter, Joey, is still working on getting copies of the map, “Civil War of the Ozarks,” finished between other jobs. We are getting anxious to share these.

My next book should start within a few weeks. It will be “Mom and Dad stuff” for my kids. There is always more history in the back of my head to be shared. The most important thing I have found about recording history is, “We weren’t around at that time and it’s up to others to share items and pictures they have found.”

There was a call from my friend, Darlene, Sunday night. She was pretty sad since one of her best friends had passed away. It is so hard to understand why we have to give up those special folks. She also said that her sister-in-law, Pat, was having good days and bad days.

Her son and granddaughter had come for a visit. The granddaughter had enjoyed a ride on the four-wheeler.

We as a country need to try to find a way to eliminate the mental illness. One doesn’t have to watch much media to realize that is the reason for all the sad things that happen in our world. Mental illness starts in many young lives—if it could only be caught in time. 

There are too many shootings happening and the guns weren’t the cause.

I pulled into my yard on Saturday night after the Opry. It was so nice to step out to the sounds of “nothing but the crickets.” The quiet darkness was great and made me feel so safe. I love my country living and good neighbors.

The Chadwick PTO will be preparing lunch for our back-to-school teachers and staff on Tuesday, Aug. 13. It will be good to see our veteran teachers and meet new ones. Hopefully, our new teachers will learn from our teachers who have been there and done that before they came. Just take advantage of their wealth of information and wisdom.

Garrett McMurray had a big accident while training a new horse. He received a broken leg and messed up ankle when he landed wrong while jumping to a steer. We are wishing him a safe and speedy recovery. Those broken legs can be so painful. John was in a cast all one summer when he pulled a horse backward onto himself. There may be better treatment for broken bones now than there was back in the late ’60s.

You all have a safe week, and be helpful to others whenever you can.

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