We woke up to some serious fog this Monday morning. Two nice days are promised for this week, with rain every other day. Life as usual for the Ozarks!

There was the yearly cattle working at my farm on Saturday. Things went the smoothest ever. Gathering the cattle in lots the day before took more thought and driving. They don't like smaller lots. The Corriente is coming out in the angus herd.

Johnny came down on Thursday to pick up a lawnmower. His was in the shop and his yard was getting ahead of them in Phillipsburg. All the rain is making things green up like crazy. He wanted to find mushrooms. We found four mushrooms between the two of us.

Redbuds and dogwood have been pretty the past few days. I always hate to see them go away in the spring time. Wildflowers are in full bloom.

Sympathy goes to the family of Red Coffer, who passed away last week. Everyone knew Red and all his stories of hunting and fishing. He is really going to be missed.

There was a long visit with Darlene Applegate Thursday evening. She had to see her doctor for a serious infection. The antibiotic was helping. Darlene's 98-year-old aunt, Maude Fleeman, passed away last week in Costa Mesa, Califronia. She was her mom's (Marie Applegate) sister. Maude's grandson, Michael Fleeman, is a reporter in Long Beach, California. There are several grandchildren. It was tough on the family to lose two sisters within a month.

Bill Applegate now has his new shop installed at his home. His other one burned a few weeks ago.

If anyone needs plants for their yard and garden, they should call the school at (417) 634-3588 for pick up times.

We are still enjoying all the church services and singing on Facebook, but it will be great to get together with everyone real, real soon.

Fishing and turkey hunting has been good in this area.

It is hard to come up with all the community activities when so many things are closed down. Just look so forward to the fourth of May when things start getting back to routines as usual.

You enjoy your time with each other. Even though parents love their children, they are not trained to be everyday teachers. One could write a song about their adventures. Kids and parents are looking forward to having classes in school buildings as usual.

You all stay well and try to not get too stressed.

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