Swan Creek

Swan Creek sits relatively still and calm on a cold December day. The waters slow east of Chadwick off of Swan Cave Road in eastern Christian County.

There has been a lot of sadness in our community lately. I hate to start with bad news, but it is at the front of our thoughts.

Our good friend and community worker passed away Friday after a few months of battling cancer. Sue Brilhart was so involved in many activities. As George Jones’ song asks, “Who is going to fill those shoes?” Sue will be missed in our Chadwick Friendship Club, Chadwick PTO, the school foundation, as a best friend and with the Chadwick Booster Club. It was a shock to lose her so quickly.

Hester’s granddaughter-in-law started out with the flu and it has turned into everything one can imagine. She has had and continues to have surgeries to get an infection out of her system. It has been hard on the entire family. It will be a long rehab time. Dustin and his little family have had and will continue to have stress and heartache with her recovery.

I have seen a lot of great family Christmas gathering pictures. Those are memories we will cherish for years to come. It was good to see Jerry and Linda Rozell in the Lawrence Rozell-remodeled house for their family Christmas. It has taken a lot of hard work and serious shopping. I am sure Jerry is excited to be back in the house he grew up in. The grandkids can now make some of those great memories.

I really enjoyed having all four of my kids and parts of their families here for the day. Our young people have so many places to share their Christmases. The younger cousins took advantage of a great day to spend some time at the creek. No one came in wet. Each one has a story to tell and remember as they grow up and then bring their kids to Swan Creek. I call it my “little piece of Heaven.” The sound of water dripping from the bluff into the creek so calming. Flood time is not the same feeling. It is a feeling all it’s own, and it doesn’t last long.

A couple of our high school girls needed some community service time, so they helped with cleaning at the community building Friday morning.

There seems to be a lot of questions on Facebook about a picture of the Chadwick Trail Ride with more than 500 riders crossing the bridge at Forsyth. I went on every trail ride from 1958, except one. We have lots of pictures and then some movies. Many of the trail ride pictures have been included in local books we have put together (many haven’t been used, but are in my files for my kids). My oldest son, David, and Vickie Rozell Goin were four years old on the first ride. The rest of my kids and other kids from the area went on other rides. Jerry Rozell can tell many stories about those rides.

Saturday night didn’t seem real without the Oldfield Opry. The predicted storm was a bit scary. We didn’t get a storm, but had a little flash flooding Sunday morning. There was some debris to be moved later in the day.

We try to come up with something different each year for our kids at Christmas. My granddaughter-in-law in Colorado, who lost her dad in the past month, took some of his grandpa T-shirts and made pillows for her four little ones. How special is that? I can’t talk about mine yet.

Another migraine hit me while I was shopping on Thursday. It was probably stress from all that money I was spending. I didn’t realize so many people had migraines until I mentioned it.

Several hours were spent in my upstairs over the weekend sorting fabric and getting some ready to share. Now I know what I have left to get creative with. There is a plan!

Joey and Trish met Johnny and Sheila at Red Lobster Saturday night to celebrate Johnny’s birthday. He said it was one of his best. Thanks, girls.

Made a drive to the ranch late Sunday evening for a late Christmas there. The little ones were pretty excited and Jeri had a really good meal. Little Dustie and Coy were a hit for the night just trying to get the gifts figured out.

The black clouds are floating around in the air this Monday morning, making it seem like a Halloween scene.

You all have a great week and enjoy all of your friends. They can be gone in a heartbeat. Happy New Year’s, and stay safe.

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