Devil's Claws

A MYSTERIOUS PLANT believed to be called the devil’s claw was discovered at a home near Sparta. Columnist Marie Day and the rest of the Chadwick quilting club would like to learn more about it.

I got one report about the Devil's Claw plant. Ada Crain had looked it up and found it is grown in southern California, Arizona and Mexico. Possibly someone from this area had visited there and brought seed or a plant back to Sparta. 

Before I plant any seeds, I need to make sure it is legal and won't take over like the thistle has.

My grandson, Caleb, is slowly getting back to normal after his recent surgery. It is hard for young folks to slow down for all that pain.

This grandma seems to always feel the pain of her friends and family when they are having any kind of trouble.

Our friend Avaline Harris had a fall last week and hurt her shoulder. Hopefully she will get better soon.

There have been some good junior high basketball games in the past week at Chadwick. Our boys took third place and the girls took first place in a tournament. There was a lot of talent on the floor each night.

There are a lot of new beautiful babies in this area. I enjoyed getting to see most of them at the ballgames the past week. They are already sports fans.

Heath Roberts and the Steel Ridge Blue Grass Band had a good early show at the Oldfield Opry Saturday night. You all put Sept. 28 on your calendar for the Yearly Pig Roast. A barbecue lunch will be served at noon with music by different groups all afternoon and evening.

My cows decided to go to my neighbor's pasture on Saturday. I went up to bring them back home. What a way to introduce yourself to the circus folks. They are very nice people. All the walking around in the brush brought out a lot of allergy sneezing in me for several hours.

One of the cows made her way to my yard during the night and left her trail on my porch. The rug needed to be thrown away; I just didn't plan to do it yet.

Fisher Bray is now home from the hospital after some time there for a sheep riding accident. We rodeo folks can feel the pain of having little ones hurt.

I finally had a chance for a long conversation with my daughter, Kathy. She is one busy girl! Also got a chance to talk to all my kids on Sunday. That always makes my stress feel better.

My granddaughter, Joey, went to the eye doctor with me on Friday. It takes me about an hour to get over the drops they put in my eyes. He said my eyes were in good shape. They don't feel so good after the allergies set in over the weekend. That should go away in a few days. Joey and I enjoyed lunch at Captain D's. We both like fish.

Happy birthday to great-grandson, Jesse. He is a great kid. They didn't have a family party this year, but chose a trip to Branson with cousins. I hope he is enjoying the gifts he got the last time they were here for their play day.

Also, happy birthday to granddaughter, Karli Henry. She is now 17. It doesn't seem possible. Where did the time go?

There are three meetings, two ball games and a trip to Branson this week. That doesn't give much down-time. You all have a good week.

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