COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

Most of the kids are glad to be back in school with their friends and new teachers for the year. However, a few little ones would rather be at home with all of their stuff.

It is hard to see those sad faces and tears.

Our neighbors, the Herd family, had a wonderful trip to Mexico. Ella developed a serious ear infection that required medical attention by the time they got home. Hope she gets better quickly. Those are awful. My kids used to have ear infections from spending too much time in Swan Creek during the summer.

There was a follow-up call from Darlene Sutton saying that she and her friend, Mildred, had followed their friend Kathy's wishes. Kathy's ashes were scattered and a rose bush was planted in her memory. Darlene had placed a lighted angel near the rose bush.

Darlene's son drove down to her house to celebrate her birthday. A surprise gift was a lovely cuckoo clock.

The Joe Applegate family is enjoying some help with chores from Kathy Applegate. They are also getting help from B.J. Kids and grand-kids sure do come in handy.

I drove to an estate sale in Republic Saturday morning. One never knows what they may find at one of those.

Then, it was lunch at Captain D's for one of their specials.

There was a celebration of life for Sheila Day's mother at Lake Springfield Saturday afternoon. This was the first time meeting her brother and sister with their families. It was a very nice event.

There was the usual great entertainment at the Oldfield Opry Saturday evening. It was nice to have Dave able to be back after he had some medical problems.

Bret Stevens had a tick in his eye recently. I had never heard of that until this year. Now, it has been two times in just a few weeks. The snakes are putting in their yearly appearances. One needs to really be alert to their surroundings.

Jackie and I are doing some major furniture changing this week. I had forgotten how heavy some of that stuff could be. Things should be back in order in a few days. There are still some things we need places for.

There was a long visit by phone with my granddaughter, Joey, Sunday evening. She was needing a break from all the projects she was in the middle of.

If someone needs some extra flooring, give me a call. The Civil War in the Ozarks maps should be ready very soon. Our family is looking forward to some creek time with the next holiday coming up in September.

There is a Chadwick PTO meeting scheduled for Wednesday after school to start making plans for the annual School Carnival coming up in October.

The school foundation group will have a meeting Thursday after school to make a schedule for this year's activities.

My "Mom and Dad Stuff" is just about ready to go to the printers. Going through the notes that Mom had written to the family many years ago was harder than I had imagined it would be. We usually get to read those kinds of notes within just a few days of them being written. One more project needs to be finished so it can go at the same time. It may take a few days to get from the box to the paper.

When I hear that there is a decline in people wanting newspapers, it is so sad to think that kind of information won't be available for research in a few years. We history lovers treasure all those old papers from the 1890s to the present time. It is interesting to compare the way writers recorded the daily activities and major events. Hopefully, some of my kids will take the time to appreciate my collections.

As we go through the daily rush of life, it is important to think of the folks who are in need of extra help and attention.

You all have a safe and happy week.

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