COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

Last week's news was short. This week it is very long with so many things happening.

It was good visiting with Jennifer Coffer Willis and sister Rentha. Jennifer is enjoying some grandma time.

My grand kids had a short play-day Tuesday after school.

Our local volunteer water board now has its very own office building next to the tower. They get so many things done. Thanks for all you do for this community.

Bob Pierce and the twins have been getting some hay put up. My family at the ranch is in the hay fields, too. I got to spend the afternoon with Coy while Jeri did some hauling.

Bobby Burkhart was telling me that his daughter, Jessica, has a new set of twins. That is double work and double fun. Congratulations!

Our grandson in Colorado seems to be doing well. It is hard to tell with those newborns. It looks as though another one is on the way in Oklahoma.

Congratulations to the Ethan Grubaughs on the arrival of a new son last week.

Little Fisher Bray was injured in a sheep riding accident Saturday night and airlifted to the hospital. Here is wishing him a speedy recovery.

My grandson, Caleb Koch, had to have emergency surgery for appendicitis Saturday night. Their planned vacation will have to wait a while. Get well quick, Caleb.

Sherry and Eddie Goins' granddaughter, Abby, was on a motorcycle with her boyfriend when they wrecked near Highlandville. He received some broken bones. Those are so scary.

Sympathy goes to the family of Frances Hill who passed away last week. Her services were held on Saturday. Her family roots go deep in the Chadwick area.

The Chadwick Cardinals volleyball teams had some interesting games last week. I missed part of them. They are a good group of girls coached by Amy Van Houden.

The junior high basketball teams will have a tournament all this week. Come out and watch these talented kids each night.

I drove to Bradleyville's Grandparents' Day on Friday. It was a shock to walk into the second grade classroom to see my granddaughter, Treylyn, on crutches. There had been a little trampoline accident. She also had a bump on the forehead from running into the barn door frame.

All you music fans won't want to miss this week's early show at the Oldfield Opry by Heath Roberts' Steel Ridge Blue Grass Band.

A large crowd attended the Annual White River Valley Electric Coop meeting on Saturday at the Mansion Theater in Branson. Jackie, Scott, Cara, Alley and I had lunch at the Pizza Ranch place on the way home.

I had a call from Darlene. Her friend, Mildred's grandson, in the Kansas City area was killed in a motorcycle crash last week. It is so hard for car drivers to see all those smaller cycles on the road. I had a small Buick car one time, and any time I was going on a longer trip, John made sure I drove something bigger.

You all have a good week and stay away from all those accidents.

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