Western District Commissioner Hosea Bilyeu

Christian County Western District Commissioner Hosea Bilyeu speaks at the ceremonial opening of the Christian County Circuit Court building March 29, 2019.

To my fellow citizens residing in the Nixa School District:

I write to express my full support of the ballot proposals being presented by the Nixa Public Schools. Here are my reasons:

First, great schools and great teachers change lives. I grew up in the Spokane-Highlandville School District, and the teachers (including my mother, Thelma; my brother, Bob; and my freshman mathematics teacher, Bob Thomas) changed my life.

Second, great schools and great teachers cost money. Nixa Public Schools has demonstrated a ferocious passion for improvement for many years. I taught high school math in the high school when it was in the old rock building; and the school flourished under the leadership of Superintendent George Espy and, on the high school level, Principal Frank Rotrock. The changes over the years— and the associated costs for those changes—have allowed Nixa schools to be pacesetters in the state and recognized beyond those boundaries. The administrators and the school board have proven themselves to be careful stewards of the money entrusted to them. 

Third, I am a beneficiary of the strong housing market in Nixa; and the comments I hear regularly from those moving into the district is that a vital factor is the reputation of the Nixa schools. Recently, friends of mine who are relocating to another state placed their beautiful home on the market. Within hours, a real estate agent brought someone to see the home, and later that evening they had a signed contract. Every homeowner in Nixa benefits financially because of our fine schools.

Finally, I did my own math and found that the increase in my taxes (real estate and personal) will be approximately 39 cents per day. I will be delighted to make that small investment into the lives of the students in our district.


Hosea Bilyeu

Christian County Associate Commissioner, Western District

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