COVER: Letter to the editor

Dear Representative Lynn Morris,

Thanks for saying Me Too rallies have been “hijacked by the extreme left that wants to be uncivil and won't conduct a fair and calm discussion,” “profanity and wanting to kill and castrate white men is extremely barbaric,” and “hatred from the left is approaching a dangerous level.” I'm glad you had the fortitude to criticize women for acting less than calm over silly little things like sexual assault.

I hate snowflakes. You know the type: overly emotional, unearned entitlement, personally offended by differing opinions? They've never had to question their privilege, so the minute someone asks them to examine their ingrained patriarchal beliefs, they feel so attacked, you may as well be murdering them. You suggest they hold themselves and fellow men to a higher standard, and they say “Stop castrating me!”

I jest! As you implied, passionately defending one's rights is a symptom of dangerous hatred and an attack against white men, who we all know are most persecuted of all.

Your opponent, Tony Smith, doesn't get it. He was at the Me Too rally all day among hundreds of women and not ONCE told us how victimized we made him feel. It's almost like he was supportive, but thanks to you, I know it only seemed so because we took away his manhood. Meanwhile, your words surely would have sounded courageous if you'd actually shown up to speak. Keep mobilizing your constituents like this, and we'll see great results in the midterms.

Amy Freeland


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