Deer hunters

MISSOURI DEER HUNTERS celebrate 75 years of firearms deer hunting in the Show-Me State in 2019.

COVID-19 came to America shortly before spring turkey season. If you were traveling to another state to hunt turkeys, or if you had a guide hired, that all got canceled. 

For those of us who hunt on our own and in our own state, we found it was easy to practice social distancing, and we wore masks anyway, so we went turkey hunting and really didn’t care if we were successful or not. We slowed down and enjoyed our time outdoors away from the pandemic and politics. 

It’s nine months later and we are out hunting again. The opening of the firearms season starts Saturday. COVID-19 is still around and won’t go away. So is negative news and politicians. Our daily lives still mean wearing masks and social distancing in some places. Those of us who love hunting deer will be escaping it all as much as we can to do what we love to do and feed our families. 

I hope that when you are out there hunting, you take the time to enjoy, meditate and appreciate God’s splendor that is all around us. Thank Him for your time outdoors and pray this will all go away.


“I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together.”

–John Burroughs


The camaraderie of the opening weekend deer camp can’t be denied. To the non-hunter, it is probably hard to understand. Studies have shown that for the majority of deer hunters, the social element of camp is more important than any other. Deer camps are friendship, laughter and memories. If you happen to get a deer, that’s the bonus.


Pranks are a part of the traditions of deer camps. One year, I took a very real looking fake rattlesnake and put it in a corner of the outdoor toilet. I watched as several hunting buddies went in to do their duty only to come stumbling out with their pants down around their ankles. They did manage to pull them up before they started chasing me. 

Have you ever tried to run when you’re laughing? It’s hard!


Today is Veteran’s Day. We gripe and complain about everything that is going on in America right now but we still have more freedoms than most people around the world. We have those freedoms because of the brave men and women who have fought and died for us, and those who have served and are serving.

Let us not forget them today. Because of COVID-19, you many not feel comfortable shaking hands if you know a veteran or see a veteran proudly wearing his branch of service cap,  but you can smile and say, “Thank you for your service.” I personally know how good that makes them feel, because I am a veteran, too.                               

Larry Whiteley was born and raised in Nixa, and was inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in 2019 for his more than 40 years of communicating the great outdoors all over the world through his articles and radio shows.

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