My computer — including email — was down for more than a week, coming home from the shop on Oct. 3.

I will sing the praises of the crew at Home Computer Repair in Mount Vernon to anyone in that area with a computer problem.

The time wasn’t a total loss, however, as I took a good UFO report by phone and received an update on the Bigfoot situation in northeastern Lawrence County.

On Sept. 28 I received a phone call from Glenn, who lives in northern Labette County in Kansas.

At around 5:30 p.m. the previous evening he had been out in his yard when he heard “sort of a cross between a hissing and a whizzing noise” overhead. He looked up to see a dark gray disk passing directly above him going from northwest to southeast at high speed.

“It was flat on the bottom and rounded up on the top, but not very far,” he told me. “It was about 25 feet across and 5 feet thick at most in the center, with no dome, windows or lights on it anywhere. It was about a couple of thousand feet up at the most and was moving right along at maybe 500-600 miles per hour. It just kept on going until it was out of sight.”

When asked, he stated that he had the UFO in sight for “two minutes at the most, and probably not even that.”

The sound diminished to the point of not being heard any longer as the craft departed.

Then the following day my friend Doug, who was investigating the ongoing possible Bigfoot activity on my behalf, stopped by to give me an update. He had spent almost four hours with the family who had reported the activity and came away convinced that it was the real deal.

He spent more than an hour walking through a wooded area with the landowner and found three limbs broken off that did not appear to be wind damage — more like a very strong downward yank.

All three were at least a foot and a half taller than either of them could jump up and grab; he is 6-foot-2 and in excellent shape.

Right after they got back to the yard — right at sunset — there were three rapid tree knocks from perhaps 50 feet back into the forest, in the same area they had passed through shortly before. This was followed by a single long, drawn-out howl apparently coming from a hillside at least several hundred yards away, but in the same direction, that was nothing at all like that of a coyote, dog or even a wolf. Doug described it as sounding almost like it had come from a human voice box but one with a very large set of lungs. This was followed a moment later by a loud, high-pitched screech of brief duration that seemed to originate from the same general area. Doug commented that if it was the same critter it had “one heck of a vocal range.” He then went on to wonder out loud if it was a male and a female.

This large, wooded property is showing strong signs of being inhabited by perhaps a family or perhaps a small clan of Bigfoot, and now the question is whether they will remain there or move on with the change of seasons. There is a small cave on a different property roughly a quarter or three-eighths of a mile to the southeast of where the calls seemed to come from, but the landowner is familiar with it and feels it is too small to house such large creatures.

Expect to hear more about this situation in future columns.

My thanks to Doug for conducting an excellent on-site investigation that I would no longer physically be capable of doing myself.

I am currently conducting research on a rather odd haunting not far from the area just described, stumbled upon by Doug while visiting with other residents in the area. If it pans out, I will share more on that situation later.

Now for an announcement: To all of my faithful readers who wish to purchase the first volume in the series of four that I am writing, covering paranormal incidents through 1999 that I either investigated or documented from old diaries and accounts passed down through families, we are now taking orders and will begin mailing them out on Oct. 20.

Each copy is 100 printed pages center-stapled with a stiff cover and is $15 postpaid. Please send payment in a postal money order made out to Lisa Brewer. Brewer is handling the distribution while I continue work on the remaining volumes. The address is 102 S. Grand #1, Greenfield 65661. I hope you enjoy and are pleased with our efforts.

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