COVER: Unknown Dimensions

The week before last I mentioned a Bigfoot encounter from a few years back with a unique twist, and intended it to be the subject of last week’s column; but a good UFO report that came in ended up replacing it. So here it is, a week later but still just as significant.

“Back in April of  2009 I went hiking on private property owned by a friend of mine, over in Laclede County,” his email began. “He does not allow hunting on his land, which is virtually all timber, except for the yard around his house. Because of the no hunting rule, there is a lot of wildlife to watch, which I thoroughly enjoy, and on this particular day I was also hoping to collect enough mushrooms for my wife to fry us a mess for supper.

“There is a trail that goes through the woods, and I had sat down on a rock next to it for a while. I was just sitting quietly, letting the wildlife settle down and get used to me so they would show themselves. I was next to a straight stretch of the trail where I could see quite a ways in either direction. I had been looking up for a few minutes, watching two squirrels playing in a tree, and when I looked down the trail in the direction I had been walking, I almost had a heart attack. About 50 feet from me there stood a Bigfoot in the trail. He was holding a straight stick that looked to be the trunk of a small tree about the size of a rake or hoe handle and 6 feet long, broken off cleanly at both ends. I could see where some small limbs had been broken off right next to the trunk. The way he was holding it was almost like a hiker with a walking stick, but he was using it to turn over rocks to see what was under them. Once he squatted down and picked up something up that he had uncovered, maybe a grub or something, and ate it. What he did next blew my mind! He carefully turned the rock back over and placed it back like it had been, I guess so there might be something there for a snack the next time he came through. Then right after he did that and stood up he seemed to suddenly freeze and look directly at me.

“This thing was well over 6 feet tall, probably closer to 7, and had a very muscular body covered with dark brown hair except for the face, which looked close enough to human to be almost spooky. The skin on his face reminded me of that kind of brown color and deep wrinkles like a man who has worked outside his whole life. Then he cocked his head and looked at me, making him look more curious than dangerous. After looking each other over for a couple of minutes he just walked off into the woods without being in any hurry or looking back at me again.”

The use of tools by Bigfoot has been noted numerous times, but using a staff in the manner described is an element I have not encountered before in any of the reports I have taken or read about, especially turning the rock back over and placing it as it was before. It seems only logical that it was done to increase the likelihood of it producing another treat in the future. It is not much of a stretch to speculate it was done to distinguish a particular spot that had been productive previously.

The use of tools by primates is certainly not unique, and reports of Bigfoot doing so are not at all rare. What makes this one stand out from the crowd is the fact that the “tool” had been improved upon by the removal of the limbs. I cannot, of course, completely discount the possibility of the staff being made by a hiker, discarded after its use, and recovered by the Bigfoot. Even that scenario indicates a species that is a lot more intelligent and resourceful than many researchers give them credit for being.

I hope that all of my readers endured the record flooding with a minimum of loss and inconvenience. I know it was a disastrous event for so many folks across the Ozarks. I will be back next week with another account of the unexplained in the Heartland.

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