One of the most noticeable traits I have noticed over the years concerning the cryptid critters we call Bigfoot is their individuality, which in my opinion shows that they are not that far removed from us in the family tree. Some of them are almost cowardly acting, in spite of their powerful physique and tremendous strength, while others go to the opposite extreme of putting on an aggressive, threatening display that can be downright terrifying to the witness. Somewhere between these extremes are the Sasquatch that act like they are surprised by, and quite curious about, this virtually hairless critter they find themselves confronted with.

It was a Bigfoot falling into this last category that Brenda — a pseudonym — encountered when she stepped out of her rural Delaware County, Oklahoma, home on the Monday afternoon of Dec. 26, 2016.

“I stepped out of the back door to put out some scraps for our two dogs and noticed that they did not run to me to get fed like they always do, but were just standing there looking toward the edge of the woods that is only about 30 feet from our back porch,” she said in her email.

“They were not barking and one of them was even wagging his tail a little bit. I looked up to see what they were so fascinated with and almost dropped the bowl. There stood a large Bigfoot, just like he had stepped out of the pictures I had seen on television, just a few feet from the edge of the trees. He was just staring at me with his head cocked a little bit, like he found me to be just as unusual as I thought of him as being. The relaxed way he was standing kept me from feeling any fear at all and — take my word for it — that was not normal for me.

“We stood there looking at each other for at least a minute and maybe a little more, and then it was kind of like he had satisfied his curiosity and turned around to leave. Considering the brush he was going through and the number of leaves on the ground this time of year he was rather quiet for something that big. He turned around a couple of times to look back before he got too far back into the woods to see anymore.

“To describe it, it was probably at least six and a half or maybe even closer to seven feet tall and stocky built, but not pudgy. The hair was black and about 3 or 4 inches long all over, but a bit longer hanging down from its arms and a lot longer on its head. The neck was very broad and short, and the top of the head above the forehead was taller than on a person but not extremely so. There was a distinct brow ridge and the eyes were white with the black in the middle, and no other color. The overall impression I got was that it was between a large ape and us, but a lot closer to being human. It may sound corny, but there was intelligence and curiosity in those eyes.”

I called Brenda not long after receiving her email and had a pleasant visit with her. Little new information was gathered aside from the fact there was no odor detected and the couple had never heard or seen anything out of the ordinary in the area prior to this close encounter. I came away thoroughly convinced that she had described her experience honestly and as accurately as possible, with no indication of exaggeration.

Over the years I have investigated several Bigfoot sightings in the northeastern corner of Oklahoma — Ottawa and Delaware Counties — and have noticed a very distinct trend among them. There are virtually no even slight indications of aggressive behavior to be found in any of them — no growling, snarling, rock-throwing or threatening approaches. It is as if the region is inhabited by a clan of very docile Bigfoot who are just as curious about us as we are about them.

I hope all of my readers had a safe, happy New Year’s celebration and for those who overdid it, I hope you have fully recovered. I will be back next week with another mystery from the unknown dimensions that surround us.

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