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Christian County launches new alert system

How to register to receive alerts


The Christian County Emergency Management office is transitioning to a new communications system, which will help keep people across Christian County informed about emergencies, weather hazards, traffic issues including road closures and other time-sensitive news.

Effective Dec. 1, Christian County will no longer use Swift911 to send any alerts. Contact lists for those who opted-in for certain alert categories through Swift911 have been transferred over, so those users will continue to receive alerts from the new system. However, in order to change your communication preferences or contact information, you will need to create a Smart911 account.

To sign up to receive important alert messages and emergency notices in Christian County, anyone may visit http://www.Smart911.com to register a profile for their household, or download the Smart911 app by Rave Mobile Safety. Beginning Dec. 1, all emergency mass texts, calls and emails from Christian County public safety agencies will be generated using Smart911 technology. This is offered as a free service, which could help save your life or a loved one's life.

Previously, the Christian County Emergency Management Agency used an app called Swift911 to send such alerts, however, that service is now being replaced by Smart911. Anyone in Christian County who has previously used the Swift911 app may delete it from their devices. Swift911 users are encouraged to register a new Smart911 account for your household. Your old username and password from Swift911 will not be carried over to Smart911.

The Smart911 app allows users to subscribe to multiple alert categories and set communication preferences for all members of their household. The app also allows you to view active alerts being issued by other communities around the country, which is helpful when traveling.


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