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Christian County restaurant inspections for August 2021


Restaurant inspection scores are provided to the public by the Christian County Health Department as part of its ongoing inspection program.

Rating scores are assigned to inspections based on a scale of 1-100. Health violations generally require immediate action to correct an issue with employee protocols or to make repairs or equipment replacements. If a restaurant or food service business is given a score of 89 or lower by the health department inspector, it is the Headliner News’ practice to describe the violations listed in the inspection report.

If a restaurant inspection is listed with “no score,” it means that the inspection was a revisit or a pre-open inspection conducted as a follow-up to a previous inspection.

The inspections listed below are considered routine inspections by the Christian County Health Department, unless otherwise noted.

Restaurant inspection scores for May 2021

Name, city, date of inspection, score (of a possible 100 points)

Casey's General Store No. 3400, Billings, Aug. 1, 98

Domino's Pizza No. 1696, South Street, Ozark, Aug. 1, 87: No certified food protection manager on duty, no label on spray bottle with liquid in it, debris on keyboard above pizza prep area, debris on floors underneath equipment, splatters on walls.

Casey's General Store No. 1383, Sparta, west location, Aug. 1, 94

Hinode Japanese Steak House, Nixa, Aug. 1, no score

Casey's General Store No. 3017, Sparta, east location, Aug. 1, 100

Popeye's No. 13461, Nixa, Aug. 1, 97

Kay's Country Store, Chadwick, Aug. 1, 100

Arby's No. 5005028, Nixa, Aug. 1, 99

La Cabana Mexican Grill, Ozark, Aug. 2, 97

Lucy's Chinese Food, Ozark, Aug. 2, 86: Reach-in cooler at 50 degrees, hand sink has a slow, continuous run, debris on bottom of reach-in coolers, buildup on vent hoods, debris on floors underneath equipment, splatters on walls.

Godfather's Pizza, Nixa, Aug. 2, 98

Post Game Pizza, Ozark, Aug. 2, 100

Subway No. 3496, Nixa, Aug. 3, 94

Casey's General Store No. 2631, Nixa, Aug. 3, 99

Wendy's of Nixa, Aug. 3, 98

The Billings Tavern, Billings, Aug. 3, 100

Market House Cafe and Bake Shop, Ozark, Aug. 3, no score

Porky's Pizza, Highlandville, Aug. 4, 100

Farm Fresh Steakhouse and Bakery, Nixa, Aug. 4, 84: Cook handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands, several items above 42 degrees, mildew-like debris on interior of ice machine, debris on gaskets around doors.

Gold Star Family Restaurant, Billings, Aug. 4, 100

Dollar General Store No. 14517, Billings, Aug. 4, 90

Stacey's Sweets, Ozark, Aug. 4, 100

Double E Restaurant, Highlandville, Aug. 4, 94

Bair's Sports Grill, Nixa, Aug. 4, 100

McDonald's, Nixa, Aug. 5, 99

Rosie Jo's Cafe, Ozark, Aug. 5, 83: Several items above 41 degrees, standing water in bottom of reach-in cooler, continuous streams of water from faucets at three-vat sink, fish thawing at room temperature, debris on floors underneath equipment.

Rocco's Italian Restaurant and Cafe, Ozark, Aug. 5, no score

Rapid Robert's No. 128, Nixa, Aug. 5, 99

Wise Guys, Ozark, Aug. 5, 99

Lillee's, Nixa, Aug. 5, 100

Piccolo, Nixa, Aug. 5, 93

Price Cutter Plus Supermarket No. 55, Nixa, Aug. 8, 97

Golden Dragon, Ozark, Aug. 8, 89: Cooked chicken at 90 degrees without time stamp expiration dating, use by date not provided on several buckets of cooked noodles in walk-in cooler, two employee drinks stored on top of ice machine.

Chance of Sno and Coffee, Nixa, Aug. 8, 98

Papa Murphy's Take 'N Bake Pizza, Ozark, Aug. 9, 98

El Charro North, Ozark, Aug. 9, 86: Several food containers in walk-in cooler with missing or expired use by dates, certified food protection manager not present during inspection, large pan of food with immersible blender stored on floor near back exit, three uncovered buckets of food on floor of back storage room, heavy buildup on floor of walk-in cooler, open employee drink stored on active prep table in kitchen, heavy dust buildup on fans in walk-in cooler.

McAlister's Deli, Nixa, Aug. 9, 94

Pizza Hut No. 1646, Ozark, Aug. 9, 97

Casey's General Store No. 2619, State Highway CC, Nixa, Aug. 9, 100

Lambert's Cafe II, Ozark, Aug. 10, 95

Casey's General Store No. 2685, 1110 West Mt. Vernon St., Nixa, Aug. 10, no score

Casey's General Store No. 3448, State Route CC, Ozark, Aug. 11, 99

China House, Ozark, Aug. 15, 91

Taco El Champu, Ozark, Aug. 16, 84: Chicken and eggs being stored over beef, cutting boards and dicers being stored on floor, three-compartment sink leaking and in need of repair or replacement, cooked food items being stored in 5-gallon buckets rather than in shallow pans.

El Puente Mexican Restaurant, Nixa, Aug. 17, 98

Canton Buffet, Nixa, Aug. 22, 96

Taco Bell No. 16249, Nixa, Aug. 22, 97

Jay's Streetside Mobile Eatery, Nixa, Aug. 27, no score

Down South Fried Fish, Ozark, Aug. 27, 100


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