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Christian County restaurant inspections for July 2021


Restaurant inspection scores are provided to the public by the Christian County Health Department as part of its ongoing inspection program.

Rating scores are assigned to inspections based on a scale of 1-100. Health violations generally require immediate action to correct an issue with employee protocols or to make repairs or equipment replacements. If a restaurant or food service business is given a score of 89 or lower by the health department inspector, it is the Headliner News’ practice to describe the violations listed in the inspection report.

If a restaurant inspection is listed with “no score,” it means that the inspection was a revisit or a pre-open inspection conducted as a follow-up to a previous inspection.

The inspections listed below are considered routine inspections by the Christian County Health Department, unless otherwise noted.

Restaurant inspection scores for July 2021

Name, city, date of inspection, score (of a possible 100 points)

Papa John's Pizza No. 4185, Ozark, July 1, 94

Casey's General Store No. 3443, Wasson Drive, Nixa, July 6, 88 - Certified food manager not present at time of inspection, beverage bottles and little observed in hand sink, boxes of soda syrups stacked on floor beside storage rack, debris found in lid dispensers at self-serve soda station.

Morning Day Cafe, Nixa, July 6, 95

King Cash Saver, Ozark, July 8, 97

Christian County Discount Freight, Ozark, July 8, 100

Casey's General Store No. 3014, West Jackson Street, Ozark, 95

Town and Country, Sparta, July 12, 100

Oldfield Packing, Sparta, July 12, no score

Signal Food Store No. 112, West State Highway J, Ozark, July 12, 94

Wendy's, Ozark, July 13, 99

Apple Market Stgore, Ozark, July 13, 100

Aldi No. 36, Nixa, July 13, 100

Dollar General Store No. 14928, Nixa, July 13, 98

The Workshop, Ozark, July 15, 95

Lee's Authentic Egg Rolls, Fair Grove, July 15, 100

McDonald's, North 21st Street, Ozark, July 15, 100

Casey's General Store No. 2901, East South Street, Ozark, July 19, 94

Kum & Go No. 495, Ridgecrest Avenue, Nixa, July 19, 100

Godfather's Pizza, Ozark, July 19, 98

Subway No. 3862, South 20th Street, Ozark, July 19, 99

Kum & Go No. 494, Massey Boulevard, Nixa, July 20, 100

Price Cutter Plus Supermarket No. 55 Deli, Nixa, July 20, 100

Taco Bell No. 16810, North 18th Street, Ozark, July 20, 98

Coyote's Nixa Grill, Nixa, July 20, no score

Kum & GO No. 434, Clever, July 21, 99

Subway No. 39874, Sparta, July 21, 100

Dollar General Store No. 7719, Sparta, July 21, 100

JoJi Quick Stop, Nixa, July 22, 99

Billy Gail's, Ozark, July 22, 94

Back Home Brewing LLC, Ozark, July 22, 99

Dining by Design/Pie Box, Nixa, July 22, 100

JRC Food Services kitchen, Ozark, July 22, 100

Rocco's, Nixa, July 22, 95

JRC Cafe South, Ozark, July 22, no score

JRC Cafe Youth South, Ozark, July 22, 100

Taste Donuts, Nixa, July 22, 99

Big Al's Subs, Nixa, July 22, 100

Mountain Springs Trout Farm, Highlandville, July 25, 100

Taco Bell No. 770, North 21st Street, Ozark, 100

Walkabout Coffee Shop, Nixa, July 25, 95

Dollar General Store No. 1768, Bryan Drive, Nixa, July 25, 94

Pizza Hut No. 1642, State Highway CC, Nixa, July 25, 100

Primas Mexican Grill, Ozark, July 25, 97

NLA Cafe, Nixa, July 25, 85 - Inspector observed cook handle ready-to-eat biscuits with bare hands, cooked sausage for omelets sitting out at room temperature, oral pain gel stored on shelf with flour and other canned goods.

The Healthy Trend, Nixa, July 26, 100

Papa Murphy's Take 'N Bake Pizza, Nixa, July 26, 97

Subway No. 13405, North Massey Boulevard, Nixa, July 26, 100

Rapid Robert's No. 103, Nixa, July 26, 99

Casey's General Store No. 2856, West Mt. Vernon Street, Nixa, July 27, 99

Oaxaca, Sparta, July 27, 88 - Various coolers have temperatures above 41 degrees, no certified food manager on duty at the time of inspection, fish in rub found thawing at room temperature, door to reach-in cooler fell off when opened.

Dollar General Store No. 11140, West Mt. Vernon Street, Nixa, July 27, 100

Dollar General Store No. 13441, Highlandville, July 28, 100

Casey's General Store No. 2800, Clever, July 28, 97

Big Al's Subs, Ozark, July 29, 100

Dollar General Store No. 13617, North 12th Street, Ozark, July 29, 99

Price Cutter Plus Supermarket No. 4 Deli, Ozark, July 29, no score

Kum & Go No. 700, North 21st Street, Ozark, July 29, 94

Kum & Go No. 718, West South Street, Ozark, July 29, 99

Domino's Pizza, No. 1639, West State Highway J, Ozark, July 29, 100


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