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Court hearings in Christian County postponed Feb. 3


People who have court hearings scheduled in Christian County on Feb. 3 will need to check for their new court dates.

Presiding Judge Laura Johnson ordered that all judicial officers in Christian County, which encompasses all of the Missouri 38th Judicial Circuit, will be closed on Feb. 3, “due to inclement winter weather creating unsafe driving conditions.”

Christian County received ice and snow accumulations during the overnight hours of Feb. 2-3, leading to school cancelations and business closures. Because people drive from all parts of Christian County and beyond to attend court hearings, the judge felt that snow covered roads create unsafe driving conditions for people who travel to the courthouse.

Under Missouri law, Court Operating Rule 7.C.12.2(a) authorizes the Presiding Judge of each Judicial Court to close  the Judicial Offices due to inclement weather. Court Operating Rule 7.C.12.2(b) authorizes the  closing of Judicial Offices when necessary to protect the health and safety of employees.

If you have court on Feb. 3, you are advised to contact your attorney about rescheduling the court hearing, and/or monitor your case using the search tools at http://www.courts.mo.gov/cnet/welcome.do.