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Physical nature reflection of Ozark sophomore forward Schulte's strong passion


Ozark’s Brooklyn Schulte is all too happy to bring a physical presence to the Lady Tigers in battles for 50/50 balls all over the field.

During the sophomore forward’s burgeoning Lady Tigers career, she’s been as proud of how she’s stepped up her physical play as any area of her game. She thinks playing varsity ball as a freshman a year ago helped bring that out of her.

“I used to be timid,” Schulte said. “Over time, I got more comfortable and got more physical. As the game gets more intense as you get older, you learn to be more physical.”

Now, Schulte’s physical nature stands out as a strength. Any opponent wanting to try to gain control of the ball in her vicinity better be ready for an elbow or two.

"I'm pretty aggressive and physical,” Schulte said. “I’m very passionate, so it's easy for me to do whatever I can to go and try to win the ball.

"I'm not very big,” she added. “But I'm pretty good at using my body to get the ball. Even though I'm not the biggest, I'd like to say I'm fairly strong.”

Coach Zack Owens thinks Schulte’s winning mentality triggers her motivation to do whatever it takes to gain control of the ball. 

"She's a fighter and is very passionate about everything she does,” Owens said. “She wants to be the best. It's in her nature. She has a no-quit attitude. She has years to grow and is going to be big for us.”