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Q’s and A’s with Chadwick junior guard Abi Smith


Sports editor Pat Dailey engaged in a Q’s A’s session with Chadwick basketball player Abi Smith:

Q: What’s your birth date and where were you born?

Smith: Dec. 15, 2004, in Springfield.

Q: What’s it like having a birthday so close to Christmas?

Smith: I hate that so much. All my friends say, 'Christmas is close,' so I only get one present. And my birthday parties as a little kid would get snowed out or with it being so close to Christmas, people were away with their families. 

Q: What is it like living in Chadwick?

Smith: I like our small community. Everybody knows everybody. Maybe one day I might live in a big city for college. It would be a big change for me, going from a small town where everybody knows everybody to going to a town where you might see only two people you know during a day. I can't imagine that.

Q: What kind of car do you drive and what is your dream car?

Smith: I drive a 2017 Volkswagon Jeda. My dream car is a 1960 Ford Bronco. It has to be baby blue. I love that, it's so cool. I saw it on Tic-Toc about a year ago.

Q: What is it like driving on the rural roads around Chadwick?

Smith: Deer are insane around here. They will just pop out and you have to slam on your brakes. I've had a few close calls. It's made me drive very slow. 

Q: What has been your favorite vacation?

Smith: We went to Florida two times. My second time going to Florida is my favorite because I remember it a lot more than the first trip. My family doesn't like to stay at the beach. We like to run around everywhere. Our vacations are very chaotic. But I love it. 

Q: What’s a favorite activity of yours outside of basketball?

Smith: I like to go kayaking with my family during the summer. It's one of my favorite things to do. My Dad and I love to go on side-by-side rides together. We did that all the time during the quarantine. 

Q: What is your favorite class?

Smith: If I had a P.E. class, it would be P.E. It probably is math. I may not be good at everything about math, but once you get it, it's fun. I wish we had debate. I would be really good at that.

Q: Who is your best friend and how long have you been best friends?

Smith: My best friend is Cora (Michael). We have a lot of fun together. We've been friends almost since birth. Our Dads are super close friends, too. I'd go over to her house when we were younger and her Dad would take us over to Kays (Country Store in Chadwick) to get bug juice and we'd ride around in the back of his truck.  Our swimming pool when we were younger was a cow-feeding trough. 

Q: Do you know what your career plans are?

Smith: I want to be an engineer or an interior designer.  I like to do anything that involves building things. Not to brag, but I'm actually pretty good at it, I think. Ever since I was little, I would design my room and map it out and design it. 

Q: What is your go-to in regard to social media?

Smith: Snap-chat because I can keep up with all my friends. Tic-Toc keeps me the most entertained. I probably sit on Tic-Toc a lot longer than I should. Me and my friends made a funny Halloween Tic-Toc in which we were in a SNL skit. But that's probably the only Tic-Toc video I need to make. I'm more of a watcher.