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Sticker Hunt offers free outdoor fun for community


With spurts of warmer weather in sight, the City of Ozark has created a scavenger hunt that leads to… stickers! The 2022 Ozark Sticker Hunt aims to increase local interaction with city government and officially released its first clue Tuesday.

Part of the clue read, “If you travel to the west you could get wet or climb a wall or walk or lift or play basketball.” 

“The clue is posted on our Facebook page (Ozark Missouri),” said Deputy City Administrator for the City of Ozark, Samantha Payne. “It’s a really fun thing to get people involved and out and about in town.”

Payne explained that the city will release a new sticker clue every 10 days on the Facebook page.

“Each new clue will take you someplace where you can take a selfie and tag yourselves,” she added. “We really want people learning about local government and some clues will lead to places maybe that they hadn't seen before, or they hadn't visited. It should be a lot of fun.”

Once the sticker is found, there’s a QR code available to scan and register the find and reveal where to pick up the sticker prize. There are six total sticker clues in this series.


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