Ozark City Administrator Steve Childers celebrates 15 years

Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner, right, congratulates City Administrator Steve Childers on his 15-year employment anniversary acknowledging that it is sometimes "a tough position to be in."

In a short regular session meeting lasting less than 30 minutes, the Ozark Board of Aldermen, Jan. 22, adopted the 2018 International Building Codes and acknowledged City Administrator Steve Childers for 15 years of service. 

Ozark Planning and Development Director Cameron Smith said city staff worked with neighboring communities along with builders and developers in preparation for adoption of the 2018 codes. 

“Currently we are (operating) under the 2012 building codes,” Smith said. “This  (legislation) will adopt 2018 building codes. The staff has been working with neighboring communities. Springfield has adopted the 2018 codes. We’ve also been discussing with developers and builders just to make them aware we will be adopting the 2018 codes.” 

Mayor Rick Gardner asked what the major differences are between the two versions. Smith said there weren’t any significant changes or major concerns.

“Most of the changes are bringing codes up to common construction practices and materials,” Smith said. “We’ve amended it similar to the 2012 codes. We haven’t had any complaints or any concerns. “

The amendments tailor the codes to Ozark.

Ward 1 Alderman Nathan Posten, at the request of staff, expedited the bill to its final and second reading. It passed without objection by a 5-0 vote. Ward 3 Alderman Jason Shaffer was absent. 

Before retiring to closed session to discuss real estate, Gardner acknowledged City Administrator Steve Childers, who reached his 15-year employment anniversary Jan. 20.

“Steve’s been at the city for 15 years as of Jan. 20,” Gardner said. “ I really appreciate you—we really appreciate you. That is a milestone.”

Gardner also acknowledged that being city administrator is often “a tough position to be in.”

What wasn’t tough for Childers was inviting board members to attend the Ozark Chamber of Commerce’s annual banquet slated for Feb. 9, regretting that he and the mayor would be unable to attend. 

 “The city does have two tables reserved,” he said. “The mayor will be out of town and I have another engagement. We need a representative from the city to present the honor of the business of the year. “

Posten and Ward 1 Alderman John Torgerson agreed to attend to represent the city at the event.

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