On Monday morning Nov. 6 at roughly 10:15 a.m., I received a telephone call from a friend who lives in a rural area of Texas County. She has requested anonymity, so I will use the name Melinda here.

“Sam,” she began in an excited voice, “you know I always look up when I am outside, in hopes of seeing a UFO. Well, just a few minutes ago I hit pay dirt, but instead of an alien spacecraft I saw one of those prehistoric flying reptiles like you see in dinosaur books and movies. I can’t believe it; right over my yard!”

She was so excited over what she had just seen that it was difficult to understand her, so I suggested that she take a deep breath, calm down, and answer a few specific questions. She agreed, and I began by asking her to estimate the creature’s size.

“I know that it probably looked bigger than it was because I was excited and even a little bit scared,” she began. “But overall, when you count the long sharp beak that was stretched out in front and the even longer tail that it had, the thing looked to be a little bit bigger than a private plane. But the body wasn’t anything like one; it was really streamlined-looking all over.”

I asked her about the wing shape and she said, “It was a lot like a bat, but a lot more rounded on the front edge and more muscular-looking instead of almost fragile-looking like a bat’s are.”

I asked her if it made any audible vocalizations during the sighting and she answered, “Not a peep. But I did hear a soft swishing sound whenever it flapped is wings a couple of times when it was closest to me. The whole time I saw it, it would glide for quite a ways and then flap a couple of times.” 

I asked about a crest or other protrusion to the back of its head and she said, “No, it was just rounded.” I also ascertained that there were what appeared to be rather short legs with “some wicked-looking claws” dangling beneath its body.

I called the Texas County Sheriff’s Department and the lady I spoke with treated my questions seriously, but stated that no one had reported anything of that nature.

I have known this lady for several years now and have found her to be completely level-headed and not one for exaggerating or letting her imagination run wild. In my opinion, she reported exactly what she saw; no more and no less.

As my regular readers are well aware, there have been a number of similar sightings reported throughout the Ozarks region over the past several years. In addition, there has been sufficient differences in their described appearance to indicate that there are multiple individuals of different descriptions reported to indicate more than one species is involved, but no carcass has been found. It is tempting to speculate that these indicate they have encountered some form of temporary “time warp” that transported them from their time in the distant past and returns them there when it collapses, but to my knowledge no one has reported seeing one arrive or depart in that manner. At this point it is simply a mystery embedded in an enigma.

As some of you know, thanks to the Great Computer Crash of 2017, this is the second column that I have written and sent on a friend’s computer, and hopefully  it will be the last. I want to thank my longtime friend Jerry Nieman for the favor. Join me next week for another visit to the Unknown Dimensions.


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