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Enrollments equations: Nixa's numbers down, but up; Chadwick grows by 22 percent


Checking out enrollment totals from around SWMO for this school year, as recently announced by MSHSAA, there are interesting trends of note.

Nixa’s 9-12 enrollment of 1,478 is slightly down from 1,508 last year, but still is significantly higher than 1,419 two years ago and 1,357 three years ago.

Ozark’s enrollment has stayed steady and is at 1,369.

The growth that has been predicted for Republic hasn’t quite happened, yet. Republic’s enrollment of 1,148 is actually down by six from last year.

No one has predicted growth for Neosho. But the Wildcats' numbers are on the rise, from 984 three years ago to 1,105 last year to 1,157 this year.

The Mid-Lakes Conference announced a couple weeks ago Reeds Spring, Hollister and Springfield Catholic will become its newest members. It was a short stay for Reeds Spring, Hollister and Catholic in the Big Eight. They just joined the league in 2018.

Hollister and Catholic fit the profile of fellow Mid-Lakes members Fair Grove, Strafford, Skyline, Clever and Forsyth. However, Reeds Spring seems a bit of a stretch.

Reeds Spring’s enrollment is down 69 from 505 a year ago, but at 436 is still more than 100 than every other current Mid-Lakes school. Reeds Spring has nearly three times as many students as Skyline, which has 160.

Clever’s enrollment has risen from 258 three years ago and 286 last year to 312 this year. Strafford is at 304, up from 255 just three years ago. Forsyth is at 300 and Fair Grove at 287.

Hollister’s enrollment is 337 and Catholic’s 290.

Chadwick’s enrollment is up by 22 percent, from 47 two years ago to 60.

Sparta is at 191, Spokane 153 and Billings 76, figures that are in line with their numbers from the past three years.

Elsewhere, Bolivar’s enrollment is down from 682 last year to 615. Likewise, Crane’s enrollment is down from 137 three years ago to 108.

Good for Buffalo, which has seen its enrollment jump 58 from three years ago to 430.