Jack Vang

Jack Vang

A man accused of using a cell phone to send explicit videos of a girl he was babysitting to other men will stand trial in June 2019.

Jack “Owa” Vang, 28, appeared before Circuit Judge Laura Johnson on Nov. 15. He is being held in the Christian County Jail on felony charges of sexual exploitation of a minor child, first degree promoting of child pornography and sexual misconduct involving a child under 15 years of age.

Vang now has a jury trial date of June 24, 2019. A pretrial conference is scheduled for May 31, 2019. Vang is being represented in court by attorney Steven Kellogg, a public defender.

Vang allegedly took nude photos of a minor and live-streamed a video of the girl in the bathtub, as he instructed her how to move and pose.

According to the probable cause statement, Vang was a babysitter. The mother of the child, whose age was not disclosed in court documents, discovered her daughter in bed, half-naked and wet. When questioned, the girl said Vang had given her a bath. On Feb. 2, the mother discovered that “Owa had again got (the victim) alone.”

The girl allegedly told her mother that Vang instructed her to take her clothes off and pose in certain ways while in the bath. Vang, according to court documents, “used his cell phone to ‘face time’ with men.” Court documents also allege that Vang took nude photos of the victim.

The incidents allegedly happened between Jan. 21 and Feb. 3.

Vang is in the Christian County Jail with a bond of $150,000.

Court documents indicate the court ordered a sign language interpreter for Vang’s court proceedings.

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