Deagan Fugitt and Kolyn Eli will likely treat themselves to a bag or two of Skittles this week while taking advantage of a rare idle weekend.

Nixa completed its regular-season slate Tuesday with a 69-9 whipping of Kickapoo and a 66-16 rout of Republic. The Eagles will have nine days in between matches in preparation for Class 4 District 3 action at Raymore-Peculiar on Feb. 8-9.

They can afford themselves to partake in some of their guilty pleasures to a limit, of course, before managing their weight once again for an all-too important weigh-in at Districts.

Fugitt has been particularly mindful of his weight this season while compiling a 41-7 record that has included championships at the Carl Junction Tournament and COC Tournament.

“I weigh myself about 20 times a day,” the 113-pound sophomore said. “Every time I eat something I go weigh.”

The Missouri State High Schools Activities Association granted wrestlers a two-pound weight allowance on Jan. 15. For grapplers like Fugitt who can have a weight-cut of up to 10 pounds in between matches, it was a much-welcomed two pounds.

“I like to stay as high as I can for my weight class,” said Fugitt, who anticipates jumping to 120 or 126 next season.

Eli, who is 26-12 and won the 145 championship at the COC Tournament, routinely starts his weight cut at 150 pounds, making for a relatively easy drop of 3-5 pounds.

“I slim down as we get closer to weigh-ins,” Eli said. “I don’t weigh myself that much. I know where I’m at each day. Once I got down to 145 this season, I ate smart and watched what I was eating. I’m pretty disciplined.” 

Fugitt’s discipline has also been rewarded, giving him an edge in strength against most 113-pounders he’s faced.

“After a big tournament, I’ll go off my diet for about a day and then go right back to it,” Fugitt said. “I’m usually pretty good about my diet. It is the reason I’ve been making this weight class all year. I actually figured I would have to start the season at 120 and then go down. But I was able to start at 113 and have stayed there. I feel strong at 113. After weigh-ins, I feel great.”

Fugitt doesn’t mind that Nixa will travel three hours for Districts. He thinks being on the road will help keep him from giving in to possible temptation.

“I feel like it’s easier to maintain my weight on the road,” he said. “At my house, there’s always extra food around. When we travel, I buy my food on the way and know how much it weighs. I’ll probably stick with some yogurt, chicken and eggs.”

Interestingly, both Eli and Fugitt confess to Skittles as a candy that is hard for them to resist. Fugitt also favors Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

“I have Skittles after every tournament,” Eli said. “I also eat them before every football game.”

Eli, Cole Crahan (120), Peyton Moore (106) and Dylan Carter (132) each collected two wins by pin Tuesday. The Eagles received multiple wins by forfeit against both Kickapoo and Republic.

Nixa 69, Kickapoo 9

113: Deagan Fugitt (NIXA) over Gabriel Appleberry (KICKAPOO) (Fall 2:51) 120: Cole Crahan (NIXA) over Theo Holleman (KICKAPOO) (Fall 1:26) 126: Dylan Webster (NIXA) over (KICKAPOO) (For.) 132: Dylan Carter (NIXA) over Quinton Papa (KICKAPOO) (Fall 0:38) 138: Ethan Shepherd (NIXA) over Tristan Upp (KICKAPOO) (Fall 3:34) 145: Kolyn Eli (NIXA) over Tai Koyama (KICKAPOO) (Fall 1:57) 152: Dylan Rust (NIXA) over Garrett Greve (KICKAPOO) (Dec 7-0) 160: Logan Lewis (NIXA) over (KICKAPOO) (For.) 170: Michael Turner (NIXA) over (KICKAPOO) (For.) 182: Marek Davis (NIXA) over (KICKAPOO) (For.) 195: DeSean Downs (NIXA) over Evan Bowler (KICKAPOO) (Fall 0:53) 220: Corey Choates (KICKAPOO) over John Gholson (NIXA) (Fall 1:24) 285: Jason Norman (KICKAPOO) over Taylor Cheek (NIXA) (Dec 4-3) 106: Peyton Moore (NIXA) over Mitchell Lambert (KICKAPOO) (Fall 0:13).

Nixa 66, Republic 16

120: Cole Crahan (NIXA) over Dominick Famiano (REPUBLIC) (Fall 0:57) 126: Michael Taylor (REPUBLIC) over Dylan Webster (NIXA) (Fall 3:38) 132: Dylan Carter (NIXA) over Gabe Hesington (REPUBLIC) (Fall 1:14) 138: Jonathan O`Connell (REPUBLIC) over Ethan Shepherd (NIXA) (MD 13-2) 145: Kolyn Eli (NIXA) over Isaiah Madson (REPUBLIC) (Fall 1:31) 152: Dylan Rust (NIXA) over (REPUBLIC) (For.) 160: Logan Lewis (NIXA) over (REPUBLIC) (For.) 170: David Honeycutt (REPUBLIC) over Michael Turner (NIXA) (Fall 2:52) 182: Marek Davis (NIXA) over John Hickman (REPUBLIC) (Fall 0:36) 195: DeSean Downs (NIXA) over (REPUBLIC) (For.) 220: John Gholson (NIXA) over (REPUBLIC) (For.) 285: Taylor Cheek (NIXA) over Ethan Piles (REPUBLIC) (Fall 1:41) 106: Peyton Moore (NIXA) over Wyatt George (REPUBLIC) (Fall 0:51) 113: Deagan Fugitt (NIXA) over (REPUBLIC) (For.).

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