Nixa City Councilman Justin Orf

Nixa City Councilman Justin Orf graduated with two different degrees from two different universities on the same day.

He’s youngest person ever elected to the Nixa City Council. May 17 was graduation day for Justin Orf, who continued to build his young leader’s resumé by graduating from two universities with two different degrees.

Orf graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. On the same day, he also graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

Orf, a Nixa High School graduate, was 20 when he was elected to the Nixa City Council to represent District 3. He took college classes during the day and attended at least two Nixa City Council meetings per month in the evenings, handling plenty of city government appearances beyond the regular meetings each month.

On April 2, 2019, Orf was reelected to another term as a councilman. How many students graduate college having already won two elections to serve in their local government?

“Serving on the city council while going through college has been the opportunity of a lifetime,” Orf said. “There were many times where juggling homework, my internship, extracurricular activities, a social life, and my seat on city council were a challenge, but it’s allowed me the opportunity to develop many important life skills—skills such as time management, public speaking, working as a team, and written communication.” 

Most city government officials in Christian County balance their elected duties with their day jobs, but obtaining two degrees from two different colleges at the same time is another matter.

“I’ve taken a unique path to graduation, but I would not give up the valuable lessons I’ve learned over these past six years,” Orf said. “Nixa City Council has been a fantastic opportunity to serve while in college and I look forward to continuing to serve while in a full-time career.”

Interested in politics from a young age, Orf says his desire to serve the community drove his campaign to run for council. 

“I love helping resolve issues and I hope to inspire other young people to take an interest in what is going on in their communities and country. Hopefully my generation will let its voice be heard instead of staying home on election days,” Orf said.

Orf credits his family and friends for pushing him to graduate.

Orf is the second person in Christian County to become a Certified Municipal Official through the Missouri Municipal League. He said his top priorities on the city council are to secure funding for more sidewalks, an inclusive park, and to help keep utility costs relatively low. 

“I’d also like to see Nixa become an area where people can work in technology careers. I want to see an abundance of quality employment opportunities in Nixa so we can be more than just a bedroom community,” Orf said.

After graduation, Orf accepted a full-time job with CJW Transportation Consultants, LLC. His current plan is to take a year off from any schooling, and then go back to pursue a Masters in Business Administration starting in the Fall of 2020.

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