Fremont Road sidewalks

An exhibit map shown to the Ozark Board of Aldermen in February 2019 shows a proposed trail along Fremont Road in Ozark, which would connect sidewalk along Highway 14 to the trail system at OTC-Richwood Valley.

Ozark will receive more than $800,000 in federal grant funding for bicycle and pedestrian trail projects.

The city of Ozark announced that it has received a share of $2.5 million in federal funding awarded to the Ozarks Transportation Organization. Ozark submitted four different projects for consideration and pledged to match 20 percent of any grants it received.

The city of Ozark will be obligated to match $203,272 of the $1,016,361 worth of trails scheduled to be built or improved. According to a press release, Ozark’s matching funds will come from a 3/8-cent transportation sales tax enacted by voters in 2017.

Ozark city officials received notice of the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant award in early April.

“The City of Ozark has been working diligently to find ways to better our community and provide a more pedestrian friendly environment,” the press release from Ozark Public Information Officer Samantha Payne reads. “These projects will help provide safer pedestrian routes to our local schools, communities and businesses.”

The projects include construction of a sidewalk along Highway 14 from the stoplight intersection at 22nd Street to Fremont Road at an estimated cost of $263,000

Frequent nature trail walkers will note that another approved project will be the construction of a paved trail from the intersection of Fremont Road and Highway 14 north and west to connect with the trail system on the OTC-Richwood Valley campus, at an estimated cost of $205,560.

The remaining projects are a sidewalk along the east side of South Elementary from South Street to South 13th Street, and a set of sidewalks around the intersection of State Route CC and North Fremont Road in the area surrounding West Elementary School.

Construction contracts for the projects will not likely be awarded until 2020.

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