Ozark baseball

Ozark's Blake Mozley watches an opposing pitcher warm up during his senior season with the Tigers this spring.

Ozark grads Blake Mozley and Carson Shaver have never attended a Show-Me Collegiate League (SMCL) game at U.S. Baseball Park. That will change next week, as they take part in the league.

Mozley and Shaver will suit up for the Midwest Nationals’ entry in the wood bat league made up of college players and college signees.

It will make for quite a different summer slate for Mozley and Shaver than they're accustomed to. They haven’t been to an SMCL game because they have played in years past for Nationals teams that traveled across the Midwest over the summer months. 

“We were only home 20 days last summer,” Mozley said. “ I basically have lived with my teammates during the summer. Now, I won’t be traveling at all. I’ll miss the traveling a little bit. But I will like being home and spending time with my family.”

Joining Mozley and Shaver will be Glendale grad Ty Wilmsmeyer, who shut out the Tigers 2-0 at Districts. At least, the Falcons’ ace will play for the Nationals upon the conclusion of Glendale’s run in the Class 5 playoffs.

Like Mozley and Shaver, Wilmsmeyer will enjoy a rare summer at home.

“It will be fun staying at home instead of jumping from place to place and spending nights in hotel rooms all over the place,” Wilmsmeyer said. It’s going to be nice being able to be around family quite a bit before heading off to college. It will be a short summer, but it will be fun.”

Mozley and Shaver have signed to play at Missouri State, while Wilmsmeyer is bound to Mizzou. 

The SMCL gets under way on Monday, with the Nationals meeting the Springfield Cobras. The two teams will also meet on Wednesday.

Game will be played on nearly a nightly basis through the start of the playoffs on Aug. 1.

Among the notable names on the Cobras are Ozark grad Collin Fraley and Kickapoo grad Mason Auer. Fraley is at Drury and Auer is headed to Missouri State.

The Ozark Wild will feature Ozark grad Forrest Barnes and Nixa grad Payton Hannah. Barnes is at Missouri State and Hannah at Drury.

“It should be fun,” Shaver said. “It will be good to face college-level pitching.”

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