COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

All you garage sale folks could make a tour of the Chadwick area on Friday and Saturday. One never knows what treasure they may find. I will be taking part on Saturday at the Chadwick Community Building. Hopefully, a new World War II book will be ready by that time. 

Also, we are having some reprints of “Chadwick Then and Now” books available. The printing has been held up because of the virus.

Congratulations to Lauran Gilbert on her win of the Missouri State FFA presidential office. This will give her the opportunity to meet folks across Missouri. She is such a great personality and so deserving of this office.

The Friendship Club met on Wednesday at the community building for the June meeting with Pam Herd as hostess. A review of Railroad Day was completed. The fundraising was not as good this year as in the past. The club counts on these funds to help maintain the building and grounds. Many people are still very cautious about being out of the house. We can't stay housed-up forever.

A big thank you to all the folks who are still posting their pictures on Facebook of proms and graduations.

There will be many school activities each night this week to attend. This should catch up on all the missed end of school events. It has been so sad for the kids, parents and the communities involved.

No one has come to get the two cats that showed up at my place a couple of weeks ago. They are still available to be picked up. Come and get them if they are yours! If someone dumped them, it is not appreciated.

It makes me sad to know that so many people want to destroy statues of the history of our country. Taking down statues does not change anything that has happened in the past. Folks cannot change the past by thinking it should not have happened the way it did. Just think how people are going to feel about what has happened to our country this past year! 

There will always be books written to save those stories. I wonder, "Where will all that stone be stored and what will it be replaced by?"

I called to tell David happy birthday on Sunday, and we both were hoping for the promised rain showers. A few weeks ago, we were getting too much rain.

There was a successful Mark Twain Coon Hunt at the Chadwick Community Building on Friday night. Blake Daugherty won second place to qualify him for the World Hunt later this year.

My carpets have finally had a good cleaning. That was not just a few minutes' job.

There was a short visit with my niece, Jeanie, and Raymond at Walmart on Saturday. It is hard to visit with voices covered with masks. Maybe this won't last much longer. But the "making of masks" seems to be a new fashion statement.

It was good to have J.D., Micheala and Dusty for a short time on Sunday. Dusty is such an active two-year-old. She doesn't give the adults much time for sitting around.

My little corner garden is doing better after some Miracle Grow as added. It is fenced off to keep the wildlife out. But they can get pretty creative from the ground and air.

Dad's day is behind us and we have tried to make those dads the special guys that they are. Looking forward to Fourth of July!

You all have a safe, healthy week.

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