Christian County restaurant inspections

CHRISTIAN COUNTY RESTAURANTS undergo regular inspections by the Christian County Health Department in order to maintain their permits to operate.

Restaurant inspection scores are provided to the public by the Christian County Health Department as part of its ongoing inspection program.

Rating scores are assigned to inspections based on a scale of 1-100. Health violations generally require immediate action to correct an issue with employee protocols or to make repairs or equipment replacements. If a restaurant or food service business is given a score of 89 or lower by the health department inspector, it is the Headliner News’ practice to describe the violations listed in the inspection report.

If a restaurant inspection is listed with “no score,” it means that the inspection was a revisit or a pre-open inspection conducted as a follow-up to a previous inspection.

The inspections listed below are considered routine inspections by the Christian County Health Department, unless otherwise noted.


Restaurant inspection scores for April 2021

Name, city, date of inspection, score (of a possible 100 points)

Wendy’s, Nixa, April 1, 98

Rapid Roberts No. 128, Nixa, April 1, 99

Sno-Ballz No. 1, Ozark, April 1, 100

Coffee and Creations, Nixa, April 1, 100

Taco Bell No. 16249, Nixa, April 4, 100

Pizza Hut No. 1646, Ozark, April 4, 97

Bairs Sports Grill, Nixa, April 4, 92

Lucy’s Chinese Food, Ozark, April 4, 90

Spokane High School, Spokane, April 5, 99

Gold Star Family Restaurant, Billings, April 5, 100

Vineyard Market, Ozark, April 5, 100

Highlandville Elementary School, Highlandville, April 5, 100

Oldfield Packing, Sparta, April 5, 100

Town & Country supermarket, Sparta, April 5, 94

Bill Gails, Ozark, April 6, 100

Domino’s Pizza No. 1696, South Street, Ozark, April 6, 98

Rocco’s Italian Restaurant and Cafe, Ozark, April 6, 86: vats and bins without use by dates containing marinara, house dressing, cut peppers and onions and cooked meats, “a container of whole strawberries with mold,” spray bottle of blue liquid without identification, unwrapped pizza crust stored in contact with floor in freezer, uncovered pot of marinara kept at steam table below a shelf with food debris buildup, several boxes of food items stored on floor and falling off of shelves onto floor inside walk-in freezer, soil residue buildup on floor of lower reach-in at pizza making table, buildup of debris on door fronts and handles of cold food prep table, black mold residue on walls at dish machine area, wet mop stored in bucket of soiled water in back storage room.

Ozark High School, Ozark, April 6, 100

Clever High School, Clever, April 6, 100

Clever Elementary School, Clever, April 6, 99

Ozark Junior High School, Ozark, April 6, 100

Price Cutter Plus Supermarket No. 55, Nixa, April 7, 99

Price Cutter Plus Supermarket No. 55 Deli, Nixa, April 7, 100

Oscar’s Ribs, Nixa, April 7, 100

Nixa Senior Center, Nixa, April 8, 100

Walgreens No. 5289, Nixa, April 8, 99

Summit Intermediate School, Nixa, April 8, 99

High Pointe Elementary, Nixa, April 8, 100

J&J Cheese Factory, Highlandville, April 11, 95

Taste Donuts, Nixa, April 11, 99

Signal Food Store No. 112, West State Route J, Ozark, April 12, 99

Primas Mexican Grill, Ozark, April 12, 98

Hinode Japanese Steak House, Nixa, April 12, 80: partially cooked chicken breasts stored in pan at 72 degrees with time stamp or control log not present, ice bucket has cracked and splintered edges, sanitizer absent from dish machine, boxed food items stored on floor of walk-in freezer, buildup of food debris on food carts, buildup on wire rack used for holding soiled dishes, heavy buildup on floors of dry storage room, debris buildup on floors of walk-in cooler, employee drink stored on food prep table alongside single use cups and garnishes, backpack lying on active food prep table with food, wet mops lying on floor instead of stored propped or hanging to dry.

Price Cutter Plus Supermarket No. 4 Deli, Ozark, April 12, 98

Casey’s General Store No. 3448, State Route CC, Ozark, April 12, 99

Popeye’s No. 13462, Nixa, April 12, 98

Nixa Junior High School, Nixa, April 13, 100

Saddlebrooke C. Store, Chestnutridge, April 13, 100

Happy Chef Catering Company, Ozark, April 13, 100

Post Game Pizza, Ozark, April 13, 99

El Charro North, Ozark, April 13, 94

La Cabana Mexican Grill, Ozark, April 13, 94

Century Elementary School, Nixa, April 13, 100

Walgreens No. 9929, Ozark, April 13, 100

Farm Fresh Steakhouse and Bakery, Nixa, April 14, 86: noodles at 70 degrees and raw chicken at 63 degrees found on chest freezer in kitchen; owner stated prep was occurring and noodles were set out to cool, inspector noted that noodles remained on freezer for duration of inspection, two bags of cut greens without use by dates in walk-in cooler, set of tongs with food debris observed hanging on front of a range, open box of single use items stored on floor of dry storage room, open can of Coke sitting on cold food prep table, another open can of Coke sitting on top of chest freezer, wet mop leaning against wall at back exit.

Espy Elementary School, Nixa, April 14, 99

Nixa High School, Nixa, April 14, 100

London Calling, Springfield, April 15, 100

Davalon LLC, Springfield, April 15, 100

Fat Tony’s Pizza Kitchen, Billings, April 15, 100

Dining By Design/Pie Box, Nixa, April 18, 95

Meals By Monica, Nixa, April 20, 100

City of Ozark/The OC, Ozark, April 20, 100

South Elementary School, Ozark, April 21, 100

East Elementary School, Ozark April 21, 99

John Thomas School of Discovery, Nixa, April 22, 100

Big Time Barbeque and Catering, Sparta, April 22, 100

Ozark Senior Center, Ozark, April 22, 100

Piccolo, Nixa, April 22, 96

Sparta Elementary School, Sparta, April 25, 100

Sparta High School, Sparta, April 25, 100

Sparta Middle School, Sparta, April 25, 100

Chadwick R-1 School, Chadwick, April 26, 100

J.B. Kobe Farms, Nixa, April 27, 100

North Elementary School, Ozark, April 29, 100

Ozark Middle School, Ozark, April 29, 100

GreatLife at Island Green, Republic, April 29, 98

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