Nixa wrestling

Ashlyn Eli was 24-2 as a freshman at 103 pounds last season.

Ashlyn Eli confessed to being riddled with nerves on more than one occasion during her freshman season on the mat last winter. One thing she didn't have to be concerned with that many of her cohorts fret about is weight.

Eli will again compete at 103 pounds, where she finished third last season. She figures to remain at 103 throughout her Lady Eagles career.

“I’ve been weighing about 105 all year, so I don’t have to cut any weight and I don’t feel like going up in weight,” Eli said while previewing her sophomore season. “Normally, during the season, I’ll walk around at 102. So, I don’t have to worry about my weight.”

Eli is also feeling relatively carefree, particularly compared to how she felt at this time last season. She returned to the mat for the first time since wrestling as a youth in native North Dakota.

Eli went on to post a 24-2 record and become the Lady Eagles’ first District champion She won four of her five matches at State, with her loss being by fall to Kearney’s Emalie Olson in the semifinal round.

Her confidence level has risen dramatically.

“I was very unsure how things would go last season,” Eli said. “I didn’t know if I still had it or not. It makes me feel better now knowing that I placed in the top three last year. I feel way better than last year. My nerves are gone. I’ve got those under control.”

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