Ozark Board of Alderman mask debate Aug. 10, 2020

THE OZARK BOARD OF ALDERMEN held a special meeting at the Ozark Community Center on Aug. 10, in order to accommodate more than 30 speakers while adhering to social distancing guidelines. From left: Alderman R.J. Flores, Alderman Bruce Galloway, Mayor Rick Gardner, Alderman Nathan Posten and Alderman Jason Shaffer.

Alderman Jason Shaffer’s refusal to vote means Ozark residents will not be required to wear masks in public places.

After more than an hour and a half of debate, Shaffer abstained from voting on a bill that would have required face mask use in certain public settings. Aldermen Nathan Posten, Heather Alder, and Bruce Galloway voted for the bill.

The vote came up on Aug. 17, as the Ozark Board of Aldermen met in a mixed format at the Ozark Community Center and on the Zoom teleconferencing platform. The vote also followed a four-hour public hearing conducted on Aug. 10.

R.J. Flores and Ted Smith voted, “No,” and Shaffer abstained.

“I think that’s a shame to put so much attention on masks when there are other things that we should be paying attention to, and we don’t care about that now. All we care about is masks,” Flores said.

Had Shaffer voted in opposition, which appeared to be his intent up until the vote, it would have created a 3-3 tie and put a tying vote into the hands of Mayor Rick Gardner.

“If this had been a tie, I would have voted against it, because I agree with R.J. that the bill is flawed,” Gardner said. “There is too much inconsistent studies of effectiveness of masks that say—I mean, our definition of a face covering is just not adequate.”

Posten saw the bill as a way to be responsive to what is happening in Ozark.

“We should have done this a month ago, guys. A month ago. On March 12, the president of the United States issued an emergency declaration, there were 1,645 cases of COVID in the United States,” Posten said.

As of Aug. 17, Missouri had 68,623 cases and 1,396 deaths attributed to COVID-19. One Christian County resident, a 69-year-old woman from Highlandville, died. That was one death too many in Posten’s mind.

“I am not in a position where I’m going to throw up my hands and say, ‘I’m done, come and take me,' I’m going to fight for this community and I’ve going to push back against this disease any way I can,” Posten said.

Shaffer has opposed local government orders making masks a requirement from the onset.

“With great power comes great responsibility. We have to look at this and take it carefully,” Shaffer said. “If someone can come to me and show me that masks will save a lot of lives, yeah, I’m on it. If there is a demonstration of evidence that (COVID-19) a great threat to our community, that also comes into play.”

However, Shaffer said that the experts failed to provide sufficient evidence that masks were helpful in fighting in the spread of COVID-19.

“To me, that seems to cause more trouble by getting people overconfident that these masks are going to protect them from the disease,” Shaffer said.

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Web Freeman

How much evidence does the board need? Here are 19 studies from medical journals from around the world showing that masks help prevent the spread of COVID. All these come from the CDC's web site that encourages the wearing of masks. That article is found here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover-guidance.html

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Jim Miner

Thank you for posting all these studies. It is truly appalling that grown men aren't capable of rational thought. What will it take to get local, state and federal leaders to understand that masks slow down the spread of covid-19. Those on this council who voted against the mask ordinance reveal an extraordinary ability to stick their heads in the sand and ignore a clearly defined threat to our community. Shame on them and may God forgive them if their collective ignorance cause any more deaths.


Thank you for the links and information. Sadly these hicks and bumpkins don't want to be educated. If they did they would do something other than say , golly we just aren't convinced. Hopefully the backward town of Ozark will be able to retain it's backwards and uneducated ways without suffering widespread illness. It didn't really work for Joplin, but they probably haven't heard that story either, because that would take effort.

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