U.S. Highway 160 and Tracker Road, Nixa

The intersection at Tracker Road and U.S. Highway 160 in Nixa, seen here looking from the southeast, will be widened to feature offset left turn lanes from the highway in both the northbound and southbound directions.

Drivers on U.S. Highway 160 can expect nighttime lane closings beginning the week of July 1, when crews begin making intersection safety improvements along Highway 160/13 between Plainview Road in Springfield and Business Highway 13 in Kimberling City.

Nixa drivers will be affected by a series of 19 projects the Missouri Department of Transportation announced June 26. Intersections in Nixa will be among the first along the Highway 160/13 corridor to undergo upgrades, a MoDOT press release said.

Much of the work will take place at night with lane closings limited to the hours of 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

For the first couple of weeks in July, drivers will see work zone signs and orange traffic cones. The actual work to build the improvements will start in mid-July.

The contractor will also resurface U.S. Highway 160 from Plainview Road in Springfield south through Nixa, Highlandville and Spokane all the way to the Kimberling City bridge in Stone County. The resurfacing is scheduled to begin in mid-August and will be done at night. The work includes grinding off the old asphalt in areas and laying a new asphalt driving surface.

The resurfacing project is scheduled for completion by early November 2019.

The prime contractor on all projects is APAC-Central of Springfield.The total project cost is $15.1 million.



Drivers can expect flaggers on the road, directing them through the work zones. Drivers are also urged to follow pilot cars. Drivers on side roads should wait for the pilot vehicles before pulling onto Highway 160/13.

Side roads could have lane reductions or could be closed at times. During full closings, drivers are urged to seek alternate Highways.

People who live along U.S. Highway 160 in Christian County where the work is taking place could notice noisy construction sounds at night during the work.

Weather and/or construction delays could alter the work schedule.

The intersection projects at Tracker Road and at Northview Road in Nixa are a partnership between MoDOT and the City of Nixa.

The intersection projects are scheduled for completion in mid-April 2020.

U.S. Highway 160 intersection/resurfacing projects:

·         At Plainview Road in Springfield – extend southbound through-lane to Farm Road 157.

·         At Greene County Farm Road 157 – build J-turn that uses turn-around points at Plainview Road and Farm Road 186.  Left-turns from Farm Road 157 will be prohibited.

·         At Greene County Farm Road 192 – add northbound right turn lane. Left-turns from Farm Road 192 will be prohibited.

·         At Bentwater Drive in Nixa – southbound offset right turn lane

·         At Tracker Road in Nixa –  Offset left turn lanes on Highway 160/13, eastbound dual left-turn lanes, eastbound right-turn lane.

·         At Aldersgate Drive in Nixa – northbound and southbound offset left-turn lane.

·         At Northview Road in Nixa – Widening Northview Road from Foxwood Drive to Highway 160/13 (Project funded by the City of Nixa.),  improve turning movements and traffic signal improvements, add crosswalks and pedestrian crossing to traffic signal.

·         At Wasson Drive in Nixa – northbound and southbound offset left-turn lanes.

·         At Citydel Road in Nixa – lengthen turn lane.

·         At Rosedale Road south of Nixa – Improve visibility at intersection, construct southbound right-turn lane, drainage and slope improvements in remaining three corners to relocate guardrail for better visibility, lengthen turn lane. 

·        At Pawnee Road south of Nixa, install new guardrail north of Pawnee Road on east side, lengthen turn lane.

·         At Primrose Road south of Nixa – lengthen turn lane.

·         At Riverdale Drive south of Nixa – lengthen southbound turn lane.

·         At Melton Avenue north of Highlandville – lengthen turn lane.

·         At Kentling Avenue in Highlandville – lengthen turn lane.

·         At Coon Ridge Road north of Reeds Spring – lengthen turn lane.

·         At Highway 248/160/13 at Reeds Spring Junction – construct northbound right turn lane.

·         At Business 13 North and Highway 413 in Branson West –  construct northbound acceleration lane, build offset left-turn lanes on Business 13/Highway 413

·         Business 13 North in Stoneridge – pavement repair

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