Lynn Morris

State Rep. Lynn Morris, R-Nixa

State Rep. Lynn Morris, R-Nixa, hopes to extend his time as an elected official.

Morris announced his intent to run for the Christian County Commission in 2020, the same year that his eligibility to serve in the Missouri House of Representatives will expire. Morris is set to serve his eighth and final year in Jefferson City when the Missouri General Assembly convenes in January.

Morris said he will file to run for Eastern District commissioner of Christian County when the filing window opens Feb. 25.

“I want this county to be better, I want it to be the best it can be, and I think there are still things we can do to make it better,” Morris said.

Morris has lived in Christian County since he moved to Ozark in 1977. He is a grandfather of six. He’s also no stranger to campaigning, having been elected four times to represent the eastern side of Christian County in the Missouri House.

“I want to get more people involved,” Morris said. “I hope we can find common ground in just about everything that our district needs. I plan to be extremely active in making sure that I’m out there being seen and available all of the time.”

Morris will have at least one opponent in the Republican primary in August 2020, and maybe more. Former Ozark mayor Bradley Jackson, a business owner and former commission candidate, announced his intent to run for the county commission on Veterans Day. Dennis Lilly, a member of the Sparta Board of Education, has also expressed interest in running.

The Eastern county commission district is somewhat similar to Morris’ 142nd House District. Both include Ozark, Fremont Hills, Sparta and Chadwick. Morris will lose out on voters in Highlandville, Spokane and some areas south of Nixa, who are represented by Western District Commissioner Hosea Bilyeu.

If elected, Morris said he would look into changing some ways that the commission conducts meetings.

“I’ve been talking to a lot of people so far—several hundred people—I would say that one of the things they would like to see done, and I would love to see done is to have a little change in the meeting format every once in a while,” Morris said.

Morris would like for the county commission to move some of its meetings into evening hours. The commission regularly meets on Monday and Thursday mornings at the Christian County Historic Courthouse, but Morris has an idea to hold occasional evening meetings, and even for the commission to take its meetings to cities like Nixa and Sparta.

“Maybe once a month, just for the working people,” Morris said. “We probably need more people involved where they can understand what’s going on. I don’t think a lot of people know how to access the agenda every week, I don’t think they know how to find it, and sometimes when they do find it they’ve told me that they don’t really understand what it says as far as what is really going on.”

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