Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft during a visit to the Christian County Clerk’s Office on the third floor of the Christian County Historic Courthouse July 9.

The Christian County Chapter of the Missouri Republican Assembly (CCMRA) is a group of Constitutional conservatives who seek to restore the Republican Party of Missouri to its traditional roots including: respect for and compliance with the Constitution of the United States, the Missouri Constitution and the Republican Party Platforms of Missouri and the Republican Party as passed in 2016.  

The Missouri Republican Assembly (MRA) is a member of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies working to unite conservatives for the advancement of traditional Republican values. The MRA was founded in 1996 by a group of Republican leaders who saw that the Party had strayed from its conservative principles and the strength of the Reagan Revolution.  

Our continuing goal is to reclaim the Republican Party for constitutional conservatives, for conservative values, and to restore faith in the party.  We seek to recruit Constitutional conservatives to be active in grassroots political action through the MRAs and for some to run for elected office. Currently, Missouri has four congressional district chapters, several county chapters, and more chapters in development. Members in these counties and districts have met and endorsed candidates at all levels of government for the upcoming August primary elections. 

As we celebrate our freedom and independence this month, we proudly endorse:

Donald J. Trump for President and Mike Pence for Vice-President

Scott Fitzpatrick for Missouri Treasurer

John “Jay” Ashcroft for Missouri Secretary of State

Jered Taylor for Representative 139th Missouri House District

Brian Seitz for Representative 156th Missouri House District

Karen Matthews for Christian County Treasurer

Ken Hurley for Lincoln Precinct Republican Central Committeeman

Ken Spangler for Linden Precinct Republican Central Committeeman

Bob Estep for McCracken Precinct Republican Central Committeeman 

Les Overall for Polk Precinct Republican Central Committeeman

Paulette Overall for Polk Precinct Republican Central Committeewoman

Luke Spangler for Riverside Precinct Republican Central Committeeman

Steve Stewart for South Galloway Precinct Republican Central Committeeman

Conetta Taylor for Union Chapel Precinct Republican Central Committeewoman

Robert Palmer for East Benton Precinct Republican Central Committeeman

Bonnie Palmer for East Benton Precinct Republican Central Committeewoman

Each of these candidates has demonstrated commitment to securing our freedoms, respect for the U.S. founding documents and traditional Republican principles. The CCMRA is proud to endorse them.

Ken Spangler


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