Det. Jon Huff, Nixa Police Department

Det. Jon Huff, Nixa Police Department

Jon Huff, a 17-year veteran of the Nixa Police Department, retired last week. He was a patrol officer for a number of years, but ultimately served as a detective for the majority of time in police service.

“Jon is very experienced and has specialized skill and training in crime scene investigation, voice stress analysis and forensics,” a press release from the Nixa Police Department reads. “Throughout his career, he was the lead investigator on several of our most serious cases and was instrumental in the successful prosecution of those offenders.”

Once, Huff’s work led to the capture of a crime suspect whose story had been featured on the “America’s Most Wanted” television program.

A 2008 piece in the Christian County Headliner News archives explains the arrest of Eric W. Dahlman, who had a warrant out for his arrest in Colorado.

Huff investigated Dahlman after receiving a complaint from his girlfriend, who believed Dahlman was molesting her daughter.

After making four attempts to interview Dahlman, Huff said, Dahlman finally came into the Nixa Police Department.

"What he kept telling me didn't add up," Huff said in the 2008 piece. "So I told him, 'Look, this stuff you're telling me is bogus, it doesn't make sense. You've got 10 minutes to tell me who you really are.' That's when he admitted his real name and we ran it and found out about the Colorado warrant."

Dahlman told Huff he "had been on the run for a while" on the Colorado warrant, the court records said, and that "they were the same accusations as the one (the victim) had made."

Dahlman was convicted of first degree child molestation and sentenced to nine years in prison by Christian County Circuit Judge Mark Orr. Dahlman served seven of those nine years in a Missouri prison before he was taken back to Colorado.

In 2015, a Colorado court in Weld County found Dahlman guilty of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and sexual assault on child with a pattern of abuse, both felonies under Colorado law, according to the Greeley Tribune. He was sentenced to 15 year to life on each conviction, and is currently in the Colorado State Penitentiary.

“In March 2000, the victim reported to the Fort Lupton police that Dahlman had sexually assaulted her more than 100 times during the prior 18 months, according to court records,” a 2015 Greeley Tribune piece reads. “The victim, who is Dahlman’s stepdaughter, was 12 years old at the time. The assaults were committed under the guise of punishment.”

Dahlman will be locked up until at least 2027.

Back in Nixa, Det. Huff continued to serve with a reputation for being cool under pressure and “not easily shaken.” His fellow police officers wish Huff well as he spends more time fishing, watching NASCAR races and occasionally grilling hamburgers for his friends and colleagues.

“We wish him the best of luck as he starts a new chapter in his life,” the Nixa Police Department press release reads.

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