Jason and Liz Massengale celebrated the grand opening of the Massengale Business Center in Nixa with the unveiling of a mural.

On Sept. 17, the Massengales hosted the Nixa Chamber of Commerce for a ceremonial ribbon cutting and the debut of a mural on the side of their building that faces U.S. Highway 160. The building on Village Center Street is home to the Massengale Group of Keller Williams, a real estate firm. It is also home to several other small businesses.

Jason Massengale has been in real estate in Nixa for about 15 years.

“Over the years, we met a lot of people that worked out of their house, or maybe they wanted to start a business and just didn’t know where to get started,” Massengale said. “My dad and I talked about it for years and what it would be like to start a shared office space.”

The concept is that the Massengale Group leases out space inside the building. Lessees don’t have to worry about aspects of business ownership like infill. They take care of their office space and run their business, and their landlord does the rest.

Prudential financial advisor Tony Manasseri has been a tenant with the Massengale group for about three years, and is excited to see his business grow as a continuing tenant of the newly-named Massengale Business Center.

“I wanted work in the community I live in, and I got the opportunity when I moved here,” Manasseri said. “I think I was the first tenant besides their team.”

Jason’s wife, Liz Massengale, had an idea to decorate the building with some public artwork to coincide with the announcement of the Massengale Business Center’s launch. A garbage truck hit the building in a spot that used to be the windows for a drive-through lane when the building was open as a bank.

“Right before COVID hit, we had our building hit by a trash truck. Like all good things in life, what seemed like a disaster turned into something magnificent,” Liz Massengale said.

Mural artist Jason Perkins was handed a fairly loose set of instructions before he began to paint. He came up with a concept that artist Amara Paul took and used to create the mural on the side of the Massengale building. It all came from Liz Massengale’s call to be bold.

“I want something that when people pass by, that when people pass by no matter what’s going on in their life, no matter what’s going on in the community, no matter what’s going on with their job, no matter what’s going on with COVID, they feel like right here in Nixa, ‘I’m okay. I’m okay,’” Liz Massengale said.

The mural depicts an eagle flying against the sky with Nixa landmarks in silhouette in the background. A person can stand in front of the mural and appear to have the eagle’s wings coming from their back, a feature likely to attract guests to come see the mural in days and years to come.

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