Nixa Police Department

The Nixa Police Department is participating in the nationwide “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign from Aug. 17 to Sept. 3, in accordance with the Labor Day holiday weekend.

If you’ve ever danced with a Nixa police officer, you just might have caught the eye of a four-time platinum-selling recording artist.

Kenny Loggins shared and retweeted the Nixa Police Department’s lip sync video to “Footloose,” a song that hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart in 1984 made famous by a movie of the same name.

“Well done, guys. Thanks for helping keep Footloose rocking the last 30 years,” Loggins shared on his official Facebook page.

Loggins then plugged Nixa’s video for an online voting contest. The Nixa Police Department is among 30 different videos made by first responders up for consideration for “Lip Sync to the Rescue,” a one-hour special slated to air later this year on CBS.

The online voting period lasts until Sept. 1, 2019, according to the terms and conditions found on the official CBS website for “Lip Sync to the Rescue.” You can vote for the Nixa police multiple times per day. Here at the office of the Headliner News, we’ve figured out how to mash the vote button with speed and efficiency in support of the locals.

“The top 10 videos selected will be revealed during the show, which will film in front of an audience of first responders, family and friends. Two videos will advance to the live vote during the broadcast to crown a winner,” a press release promoting the show explains.

The voting website gives us 29 other videos we can compare Nixa’s take on “Footloose” to. It’s fun to see how the people of Nixa, from business owners and elected officials to kids and senior citizens, answered the challenge and embraced the fun.

“#LipSyncChallenge began as a fun way for police, sheriff, fire department and EMTs to engage with their communities by creating lip sync music videos and challenging other departments to do the same,” the press release states.

The hundreds of thousands of people who have viewed the Nixa entry seem to agree that the Nixa police embraced the community involvement aspects of the challenge.

“It’s nice seeing the police having fun with there community. That's the way it should be,” a commenter on the city of Nixa’s YouTube channel wrote below the “Footloose” video.

“What a fantastic community. Well done, everyone,” another commenter wrote.

“I want to move to Nixa,” another commenter said.

If you want to take Kenny Loggins’ advice and vote for the Nixa police to appear on “Lip Sync to the Resecue,” check out

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